Countdown to Paper Gods – EIGHT!!!

Wow…after today we’ll only have a week left. I can’t even believe it, and more importantly – I have NO idea what I’ll complain about next…I mean, without album Durantime… (that’s a joke, everyone)

The band released a trailer for Paper Gods today that makes it all the more real!  Check it out! I especially like what Simon says at the end…because that is EXACTLY what this blog aims to talk about. Imagine that…

If that weren’t enough to help spend some precious hours before Paper Gods is released next Friday, today’s brilliant idea is to go through old tour pictures and video!!

Break out your old photo albums, maybe post some pictures online of you at shows with friends, maybe even a photo of you with the band if you happen to have one…watch some old videos!

Here are a couple of my own:


Portsmouth pre-show1
Rhonda, Lori, Sally & Alana at our pre-show meet-up
Dom & John...not sure which show but it was August 2012.
Dom & John…not sure which show but it was August 2012.
Group with Dom
And a group photo with Dom after the David Lynch Foundation Gala in LA 4/1/2015

And a video that is not mine but still a good one!

Your turn to skip down memory lane!  Enjoy!!  -R

One thought on “Countdown to Paper Gods – EIGHT!!!”

  1. Just wondering if anyone else caught the Bowie reference in the song “You Kill Me With Silence”? It’s the line “driving a lad insane”…….?

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