Countdown to Paper Gods –FIVE!!!


We are at the point in which we can count how many days are left until we are able to officially listen to the entire Paper Gods album on ONE HAND!  How shall we get through this day to get one step closer to the release date?

Perhaps, you are like Rhonda and myself with tour on the brain!  Maybe, you have upcoming Duran shows on the west coast or in the UK.  If not, you might be thinking about world tour 2016!  Some plotting might be taking place, including where you could go, how many shows you could get to, what songs from the new album should be played and so much more!  No matter, if you have shows coming up soon or coming up later, you still might be thinking about concert tickets, including where to buy them and how to get the best seats possible.  Isn’t that what really matters?!?

To that end, we recommend going to different ticket purchase locations like Duran Duran Music, Live Nation, Ticketmaster, or other individual artists’ fan clubs.  Why?  The task is simple!  Practice purchasing tickets!  Maybe you want to go through the motions up to the actual purchase and time yourself.  Goodness, maybe you could see how fast you are able to pull up tickets and work to improve on that time!  It could be like a game but one, in which you would benefit in real life someday!

If you are looking for possible artists to practice on, you might want to pick one that works with Crowdsurge, like Duran does.  Some of those artists include Kenny Chesney, J Cole, Haim, Enrique Iglesias, Imagine Dragons, Miranda Lambert, John Legend, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Paul McCartney, Blake Shelton, Tiësto, Jack White and The xx.  I might also recommend reading through this blog post about presale anxieties to ensure that you have all ducks in a row to practice purchasing!

Let’s hope this task distracts a bit and helps you out in the future!  It could be a win win!!!


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