Countdown to Paper Gods–SIX!!!

6 DAYS!!

That’s it!  That is all we have left to wait to get to hear this album that so many have been waiting for!  By now, I wouldn’t be surprised if the restless energy has increased to almost an unbearable level!

What to do with this anxiousness?!  We have the answer for you!  Our recommendation today is to check out recent interviews and reviews.  Yes, there are many, many reviews popping up!

Some Interviews to Check Out:

The Paul Franks Show with John and Nick

Bestival Set for Duran Premiere

USA Today

Radio Wales with Simon

Star 102.5 with John

Some Review to Check Out

Renowned for Sound

Rolling Stone




Entertainment Weekly:

Entertainment Weekly

Upcoming Media:

Of course, you can also keep track of what is coming up by following the list on the official website, which you can see here!

What interviews or reviews have you found?  What has caught your attention?  Which have been your favorites?


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