Countdown to Paper Gods – Ten!!!

TEN DAYS (and I mean it this time!)

We are really and truly almost to the glorious end of this seemingly never-ending wait, people!!!  In ten days, we will all be clamoring around our respective CD players, computers, phones, car stereos, etc and listening to an entire album filled with brand new Duran Duran music. Can you believe it?!?

Personally, I am chomping at the bit to discuss the album, gain insights from others, contemplate lyrics and marvel at the band’s career. I’m looking forward to reading and hearing what everyone thinks of the new music, and naturally – I’m very excited about the upcoming shows and tour, too!

Until then, Amanda and I have daily delights for anxious fans to partake in order to pass the time, and today we suggest watching videos!!

Rather than posting every video the band has done here or assuming everybody has that kind of time, I suggest watching your favorites from within each era, so that’s what I have done here for your viewing enjoyment!
Note that these are not necessarily my favorite…but I chose them purely based on what I wanted to watch today!

Happy watching!!  Only ten more days to go!!


2 thoughts on “Countdown to Paper Gods – Ten!!!”

  1. Thank you for the Videos! Serious is one of my fave classic crafted pop songs from them. That was the best transfer of “Breath after breath” i have ever seen. hey, any chance to see “come hither” glances from Nick, (and see him sing) makes my chicken curl tee-hee!
    I have been following your comments about paper gods and i don’t think have been this unsure about a DD album since Medazzaland. I am definitely out of my comfort zone with this one so far…
    Great blog. Keep up the good work!

    1. Here’s the thing: in order to truly enjoy this album, I think MOST Duran Duran fans have to be willing to put their preconceived notions about what the band should sound like aside and be at least open to the band exploring some new sound. Paper Gods is very, very different from most anything they’ve done before, although I will go to my grave swearing that there are recognizable Duran elements within the songs. That said, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that it took me several listens before deciding for myself that I LIKED the new music even though it wasn’t necessarily the instrumentation I was expecting or the type of music I had figured it would be. It would be very easy to hear the album once, decide that it’s not anything remotely close to the DD I once knew and throw it aside….but the thing is, the music IS good. So I really stuck with it, and there are songs on the album I very much enjoy and hope that they play live! -R

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