I hope this blog post will be fairly coherent.  Normally, I’m pretty confident that I will make sense but today finds me beyond tired, beyond fatigued, beyond exhausted.  If someone with more brain cells than what I have can find a stronger word, please let me know.  I will need to be using it frequently, VERY frequently in the next few weeks.  I worked a full week at my paid job and have worked an additional 35 hours at my not-paying campaign leader job.  While there is a part of me that kind of enjoys the level of intensity as we move towards an election day, there is another part of me that just wants to curl up and sleep until 2016.  So, how can I sustain, basically, 2 full time jobs and this for the next few weeks?  Obviously, part of the answer is dedication, focus, perseverance mixed with insanity.  The other thing I find myself doing at times like these, or when I have something to look forward to, is to make a countdown.  For example, I can tell you have I have 16 days left of the school year or18 days until the election for governor.  I should also be making a countdown for our tour in August. 

Interestingly enough, yesterday’s question had to do with which was Duran’s best era.  The most frequently given response was now.  I did not hesitate to post the video for All You Need Is Now.  It seemed fitting, right?  Then, I started to think.  A big part of the message of song is to appreciate the now.  Am I doing that with my focus on when things are getting done or what is happening?  Am I forgetting to live in the moment by doing that?  Does Duran do that?  I wonder.  They often say in interviews that they are just focused on the “now”.  They don’t spend a lot of time looking back on the past and they don’t really think about what they are going to do next.  Now, obviously, it is possible that they say that in interviews and don’t really do that in reality.  After all, typically, they are doing interviews to sell a current product.  Thus, they don’t want to talk about old projects or what they might be doing in the future.  It doesn’t help their current bottom line.  Nonetheless, I don’t get a sense that they really do spend a lot of time looking back.  What about the future?  Could they have their own countdowns?

Just recently Duran finished up a quick tour of South America.  It sounds like it was an absolutely fabulous tour!  As much as I’m sure Duran loved that tour, and all the other tours, were they counting down until the end?  Were they anxious to finish up, spend time at home with their families?  Were they excited to sleep in their own homes, in their own beds?  Would they or could they make a countdown for an album release?  I think of an album, like AYNIN, that they must have been so proud of.  Were they checking off dates in the calendar for the rest of the world to hear the album? 

Is my habit of counting down until the end of some horribly busy, stressful time something Duran would do or are they truly more focused on the now?  If they are focused on the present, do you think they could teach me to like getting very little sleep and being worried about how things are going to go?  It is definitely one lesson I need to learn.


3 thoughts on “Countdowns”

  1. If nothing else I don't think they just said they don't spend much time looking back and to focus on the present just to promote All You Need is Now. In fact it's been a fairly consistent message. I recall watching interviews on youtube that were done in the 80's and 90's where Simon basically said very similar things about not focusing on the past and trying to focus on living in the moment and that was 20 or more years before AYNIN. 🙂 I also recall seeing Nick saying some similar things over the years. I don't know if John said it very often back then but he's probably had a similar attitude whether he said it or not.

    I do think overall they seem be positive guys who try to live the moment they are in with a certain amount of gusto. 🙂 That's probably a positive message we can all learn something from.

  2. I think that learning to love the moment you're in, and learning to deal with the point in time you're in right now are important lessons that are very, very difficult to put into practice.

    I'm not sure what their lives are really like. I know that I'm stressed right now, but in a couple weeks I might not be. I can't imagine their lives are any more or less difficult than mine – they're just different in general, and I think Duran Duran has always been a band that likes to live and celebrate in the moment. That's one reason why they have always been so appealing. It's an escape from the realities of our own “norms”. When I go to a show or go on a trip with Amanda, it is a HUGE RELIEF for me not to have to worry (and I really try very hard not to worry!) about anyone or anything but myself for however long I'm away. Those days are honestly the only “me” time I ever have, and I treasure each second. I also live each second to the fullest. Sometimes, they end up overfull! 😉 Then I'm whisked back home into real life, and the pressures from within insist that i focus not only on today, but tomorrow and the next. I try not to look back too often, unless it's only for fond memory and fuel for continuing onward as I did yesterday when I watched several of the clips and videos I have from my trip to the UK in November/December.

    I have to say, I'm really looking forward to hearing Hungry Like the Wolf again. Obviously I need medical attention. Stat. 🙂 -R

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