You Coming Round Now?

So, I’m not going to lie.  It has been a couple of days since the presales for Duran Duran’s 2016 North America tour and I’m still reeling.  As you know from Rhonda’s blogs earlier this week, things did not go as planned for many of us.  We hoped for Toronto tickets, for example, and came up empty.  I am not one to give up so I’ll keep checking for decent tickets.  We also know that we have more to look forward to, in terms of presales once we have the Chicago information.  I openly admit that this presale was the least fun for me and I have done many.  I didn’t like not feeling like I didn’t know what I was doing or that I was doing something wrong.  It felt icky.  Negative.  I don’t want to go into 2016 with less than positive thoughts surrounding this tour…so let’s look at the bright side!

First, Duran Duran gave me a tour during the summer!!!!  Yes, they have toured in the summer before but this is the best yet.  In 2012, they did dates in August.  That worked well for me, for the most part, but I started the school year behind.  I don’t like that.  Even though, my students don’t arrive until September 1st, I’m usually back at it, getting ready and organized by mid-August so dates around then are tough for me.  This time, they are coming to the States in July.  I’m open the entire month.  I could literally go to every show (in terms of work, anyway!  Money is a different deal!  Ugh.)  I could pick and choose the shows not based on when I could squeeze the most in but based on what makes the most sense and based on where I WANT to go.  At first, this freedom was almost overwhelming.  I’m really grateful that I won’t have to worry about squeezing in shows and being super exhausted when I return to work.  No, this time, I get to go and just enjoy!!

Speaking of enjoyment, another aspect of this tour that I’m going to just love is the fact that Rhonda and I won’t have to run from show to show.  We will get to sit back and enjoy a city for a day or two before moving on.  It already feels less stressful!!  In October, we would go to show, then immediately start driving to the next one.  It was super exhausting and we couldn’t have as much fun as we would have liked.  No, this time, we get to go to a show, stay overnight in that city, have fun and travel the next day or the day after that.  It is perfect!  We will have FAR more energy and will be able to enjoy ourselves so much more!  The west coast dates that we are hoping to do aren’t as spread out as the Midwest dates we hope to do but they are still WAY better than what we had in October.  No, I have no complaints that way at all.  I will praise how spread out the dates are, for sure!!

Another aspect of this upcoming tour that I’m especially excited about is that Rhonda and I will get to spend a LOT of time together, in the same place, during July.  During most years, we are able to get together about 2-4 times a year for long weekends, on average.  Sometimes, we are together for up to a week and other times, we are together for just a couple of days.  This time, though, we will be together for what will probably add up to almost 2 weeks during that month.  As we reminded each other, the best part of touring is being together!  We will get to see new places and stop at some of our favorite on the road locations!  Our touring traditions will be followed, not once but twice during the month!  Frankly, the world should probably be afraid as we have come up with some crazy ideas on tour like writing a book about fandom or doing a fan convention!! Who knows what we will come up with this time around!!?!?!

One thing that I know that many people are wondering about is meet ups!  Will we have any?  Where will they be?  Ideally, we would LOVE to hold meet ups before every single show.  Obviously, we can’t be at every single show.  (Someone got a winning lottery ticket that you wanna give us?!)  That said, I would love to do one for every single show that we are attending.  Unfortunately, I don’t know that we can.  When we set up meet ups, we always want to do them the right way and we have some great features that we were hoping to include this time around, but many of those ideas will cost us money. Therefore, I suspect that we might be able to do afford just one or two meet ups this time around, if we want to do them well.  I’m bummed about it because we know that we enjoy them.  We like meeting other people going to the show.  It is always a good time to hear people’s fan stories and to get people even MORE excited for a show.  This excitement always seems to make a more energetic and fun show for the people who go to the shows, which feeds the band when they are on stage.  It is a win win!  At least, this is the goal of the meet ups!  I’m sad that it seems like we won’t be able to do as many this time around, but I promise the one(s) we are able to do, we will plan something extra special!!!  As far as when and where they will be, just watch this space!

I guess that is really the point of this blog post.  It is to remind MYSELF to not focus on the less-than-desireable presales or the limits to doing more meet ups but appreciating that we get any tour at all and that we there are so many aspects of this tour that will work so well.  I have to and want to focus on that.  We will make this tour the best it can be!!!


2 thoughts on “You Coming Round Now?”

  1. My sister and I did not go to all of the October shows, and we found ourselves really enjoying the gaps. It gave us time to physically recover, as well as savor the moments and memories of each show.

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