Crisis Equals Opportunity: The Daily Duranie Facebook

Today has been quite a day. During the summer, Amanda and I have committed ourselves to working on projects together via Skype, and today was no exception. We got online, chatted a bit and settled down to work. That’s when the day was completely derailed.

Amanda went to log on to our Daily Duranie Facebook account like normal, only to find that she couldn’t get into our account. We were locked out and Facebook wanted to confirm our identity…something that has never happened before. It wanted government ID, a birth certificate or something similar. While we acknowledge that Daily Duranie has taken on a life of it’s own….it’s not quite THAT big. We thought we’d been hacked, to be honest.

So, we settled into trying to understand why this happened. In a nutshell, Facebook wants to “encourage” people to only use their real names for personal accounts. This is of course, because they want businesses, public figures, bands, magazines, entertainment entities, authors, etc to create a Facebook Page instead. Pages are more of an advertising type of entity as opposed to a personal account for regular ole folks. Pages are fine, but the main problem is that in order to get your posts widely seen – EVEN by those who follow – you must pay to have the posts “boosted”.  That’s great if you’re a business who has a revenue stream to support such activity, but if you’re a small blog like us?  That’s an issue, and that’s one reason Amanda and I agreed to stick with a regular account, and all was fine until today.  Today Facebook decided that we weren’t getting in. Period. No warning, no measure for helping or allowing us to just move the account to a page, nothing. We could try to appeal (which did not work), or move forward.

So we set about creating the new Daily Duranie Facebook Page, and fretting about all that we’d lost. Maybe none of you realize, but we’re talking nearly FIVE YEARS of hard work. Posts. Pictures. Nearly 2500 friends. Real friends from around the world. The more I typed, fixed profile pictures and cover photos, messaged Duran Duran pages and groups…the bigger the knot in my stomach and throat became. We have put blood, sweat and tears into this blog in a way that no one on the planet can really understand. It has felt at times that for every two steps forward, we’ve taken five backward. Yet, I couldn’t separate myself from Daily Duranie even if I tried, because it’s ME. It’s Amanda. It’s US.  And a large part of the two of us is now in Facebook jail. Welcome to Tuesday, my friends.

As I set about understanding the reasoning why our account – out of all the thousands of FB accounts who go by pseudonyms instead of birth names – was chosen today, I discovered that the only way Facebook really keeps track is if they were told about us. That means that someone, most likely a “friend”, made the point to tell Facebook about us and mention that we’re not a real person. Except of course, we are.

Upset? Yes. Wounded? Sure. Done? Not even close. We’re just getting started.

So instead of working on the other projects today, Amanda and I have been scrambling to get the page together, tell people what happened, we’ve BEGGED Duran Duran to retweet our page link (nothing yet, but we’re hopeful – surely they have to know how much we’ve done for this community in the past five years???), and mostly – WE NEED YOU.

Please, please, PLEASE come to the new page. Like it and then share the link with others. We’ve tried to go to some of the pages and groups we know, but to be honest – there are thousands of groups and pages, and only two of us. We need help. Desperately.  Here is the new link to the page, and we hope to see you there.  Send us a note, post to the page…make us laugh, and let’s keep this party going.

Amanda and I like a good challenge, and maybe this will end up being a good thing in the long run. John Taylor has this saying that is from Eastern philosophy that is on the cover of his (solo) Feelings Are Good CD. Crisis equals opportunity.

We’re going to go with that.


10 thoughts on “Crisis Equals Opportunity: The Daily Duranie Facebook”

  1. Have u got all ur pics that u put on the original page? I have got loads, if u need them, especially with John. If there is anything else that u need, other than sharing this page link, let me know!!! xxx

    1. We have all of the pictures that we put up ourselves, but naturally we do not have photos that we were tagged in or that others put up for us to see. I look forward to all of that happening on our new page! -R

  2. Just wanted to throw out another possibility. A professional athlete who I follow (minor league at the time when I friended him), had to convert his Facebook profile to a page when he went over a certain number limit for friends last year.

    Not sure what the limit was (he currently has over 5000 likes ), but his page exploded when he was called up to the majors. He explained he was made to convert it (by FB) from a personal account to a page, and hadn’t been able to respond to new friend requests because he had gone over the limit allowed. All his posts carried over though.

    Not sure of that is what happened in your case but figured I would throw it out there as an alternate explanation. (Of course if FB gave you a completely different explanation, then disregard what I just said.)

    1. Unfortunately in this case, Facebook just locked us out of the old account without warning and we had to begin a new page. There wasn’t any sort of discussion, and so I did a lot of reading yesterday to see what could be done. The short answer (for us anyway), was nothing. We’re not public figures or anything that Facebook would consider “important”….just another way for them to make money by insisting we use a “Page” and pay to have our posts boosted so that they’ll actually allow them to be seen. It’s really a sucky system and should people begin migrating towards other types of social media in that same vein – we will too, but for now, we’ll play the game and be thankful we have somewhere to convene. -R

  3. Son of a bitch! That is the same shit they pulled on me! And of course they did it while I was on vacation in Vegas. I was not even sure what was going on. Thankfully, I had messages on my phone from a good friend and we figured out what happened. Also, thankfully, I had my tablet with me so I could also access my e-mail and all that. I HATE that they are doing this to people. Can either of you use your ID and FULL name to access the account just so you can get in to get your pics and copy text from postings? They don’t need to know it is the same person who already has an account with just the same first and last name. Kinda like Screen Actors Guild when there is already a Vanessa Williams in SAG, then you have to add the L middle initial to get listed. Anyway, just a thought to gain temporary access to get your old posts back.

    1. The thing is that we can’t use our personal names and ID because we both have our own personal Facebook accounts. That said, we tried to contact them in order to just get in and share the new page. Unfortunately, I couldn’t even get a message submitted. 🙁 -A

  4. Throwing my wild theory out there… no idea how FB works. But I do believe that it does monitor the use of certain key words (posts and replies, can be group-monitored, but they are certainly also monitored by FB). Perhaps that post got flagged because a certain key word might have been flagged as suspicious… ie BEDROOM TOYS. So, what if it got flagged… then under closer scrutiny, the page was pulled because of the “real person” crap.

    So, in the end… let just blame it on Bedroom Toys… right?

    And on a more serious note, your spirit is indomitable. This post, even though the mourning of lost work is palpable, with good reason. Its like losing a photoalbum. But there is tenacity. That’s something to celebrate 😀

    1. That’s one thing we can’t be accused of–the lack of tenacity. We will keep going as we always do. -A

    2. Yeah, aside from noting that somehow we were flagged, it really does me no good to even care how it all happened. I just had to move on quickly, so I did. I’d like to think that it all happened without malicious intent, because otherwise it honestly makes no sense. I think after all is said and done, we’re way better off this way. -R

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