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Today is a big day for Daily Duranie.  Why, you ask? Well, Amanda and I decided to finally jump into creating a community with both feet…and have created the Daily Duranie message board!

The idea of creating a community wasn’t something that came across our minds as we began the blog. We’ve said numerous times that our “Grand Plan”, was just to write and see where it took us. We recognized that we found a lot of fault with Duran Duran Music – the paid fan community, but we weren’t really offering much in the way of solutions. So, over time we’ve offered some solutions (Such as hiring the two of us to run it – and we’re still 100% serious about that idea!), but we’ve also tried to pave our own trail and offer the community a “place.” It seems only fitting that we add a message board to that mix.

Facebook is a fantastic place. There are many Duranies from all over the world, tons of groups to join, pages to follow (like Daily Duranie!), and people to connect with.  What Amanda and I have found with Facebook is that there IS no central place for Duran Duran to really chat without a post being lost amongst many other posts. Diehards get lost in the shuffle, and that sense of community that Amanda and I feel is so important, tends to be watered down by what feels like hundreds of comments like, “Oh wow, they’re still around!  I haven’t seen them since 1985!”  There is absolutely a place for those fans in Duranland – it’s just not necessarily the same place that long time, diehard fans wish to be all the time, and that’s OK. Twitter works similarly – it’s a great place to come and openly share short bursts of thought. However, it too has limitations. You can’t really get into a long discussion with others quite as easily, and it can be difficult to follow.

Message boards can work to help in that situation.  We think our message board will be a good place for fans to call home because on one hand, in-depth discussions can be had without someone asking where Andy has gone; but pictures can also be posted and properly “admired”…and let’s face it, we can laugh at some of the funnier things the band does, too. There’s room for everyone, whether you’re a diehard Duranie “lifer” or someone who is rather new to the idea of traveling to see the band and spending your extra time reading a daily blog on Duran Duran.

Yes, many a message board has come and gone. Some might even say that the time has passed. Oddly (and this was definitely not planned), on this day four years ago – the message board that Amanda and I called “home” was put to rest. Traffic had all but died out there, Facebook and Twitter being a little more of an attraction for many, I suppose.  Perhaps for some, that still may be true. Rest assured, we are not expecting this one board to be the answer for all. It’s one piece of a much larger puzzle, or an added benefit of Daily Duranie. We’re looking forward to the party – and the bonus with the message board is that it’s always going to be there, 24/7 – for anyone who wishes to join in the fun. Otherwise, it’s gonna be me and Amanda trading posts, and we’re 100% totally OK with that!

Our Daily Duranie message board is a kind of Duran Duran themed hideaway – fans can go there, chat about the band (and other things) to their heart’s content, with little outside notice or influence. One doesn’t need to worry about their mom stumbling into a thread talking about John Taylor, for instance (because similar things have happened to me, for instance!)…and if you want a little more separation from your real life and your fandom life, you can have that on a message board. Additionally, this message board is a great place to plan meet-up parties, announce and plan touring information…and even plan the next convention for 2017!

I’m very excited to announce that the Daily Duranie Message Board is open for business as of this morning. A link to the board can be found on our home page (message board – pretty self-explanatory, no?). I’ve created the initial framework, and I think the basic “house” is complete – but we need all of YOU to make it a real home. Please come and join in the housewarming party!!  All are welcome, and I sincerely hope we see many, if not all of you on there!!


6 thoughts on “The Daily Duranie Message Board”

    1. I am really nervous about our board, so thank you! 😀 It’s so new, we have no posts, and I hope people know that they can register, create threads and start chatting….I have to get some homeschool done today somehow so I can’t be on there all the time, but I hope it works!! -R

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