Daily Duranie Spring Break

Originally, this blog – this post – was to be about a great many things. Simon’s recent interview, what fandom really means, and a plethora of other things that I wrote, re-read and deleted. Repeat.

Instead, this blog post is going to be a good-bye of sorts. I don’t want to get into the details, because in this case, they really do not matter to anyone but Amanda and me. What matters most is that Amanda and I have agreed to take a break, and it will be the most significant break we have ever taken from Daily Duranie. We’ve been at this for four years, six months and three days, as of today. I don’t even know how many posts that is offhand, but it’s a lot. Our collective spirits need a break. It’s not that the blog or being a Duran Duran fan isn’t fun….but it isn’t very much fun right now. We need a real refresher, with hopes that if and when we get back to it, we’ll be recharged and ready. So, we’re calling this our “Spring Break”.

For the next few weeks or so, you can imagine that we’re on a beach somewhere. Well, I am anyway…. Amanda probably isn’t because she’d be telling me that she’s baking alive or something like that. Maybe just imagine us in a bar somewhere. Having many vodka tonics and not talking about Duran Duran or fandom. That’s probably more accurate (well, the vodka tonic part certainly is). The good news is that we can make this whole bar scene happen in a couple of weeks when Amanda arrives in California for a visit.


20 thoughts on “Daily Duranie Spring Break”

  1. noooooooooooooo! But I totally understand! I will look forward to getting back into the voting after Spring Break. Don’t get *too* drunk and debauched, ladies! ;-D And ENJOY THE REST!!!!

  2. Enjoy the break Rhonda & Amanda, listen to some Mediterranea and let the white sands touch the sea for a few weeks and hopefully you’ll feel revitalized and re-Duranized! 😉

    1. If anyone ever had questions…your comment answered it, Susan. Thank you for beautifully illustrating the type of hostility we put up with on a daily basis. Bless your heart. -R

      1. I simply don’t understand that ‘cowards’ comment! I think the notion of taking a break from a blog which is called ‘Daily Duranie’, thus making it *not* daily for a while, is far, far braver than continuing when it’s no fun, whether that is due to the band providing little to write about, or to idiots who can’t deal with Durantime turning on other fans. Anyone who is so stressed they can’t be polite in public is also in need of a holiday! Have a great break, ladies!

      1. Wow. Cowards? Susan Saunders, let’s see you do a blog for 4+ years (for free I might add), then have to deal with a lot of unpleasant people such as yourself. Get a life!

  3. I’m glad you finally understood that quantity (lots of blog posts) don’t mean quality… This website has been suffering for too long from lack of quality. Sometimes a break from routine is all you need to reframe the goals of this blog.

    1. I am utterly fascinated by this particular comment because out of all of the replies we’ve ever gotten, one thing that has NEVER been said is that our content and writing lack quality. I guess it’s a good thing we took a break, because God Forbid we continue to force the DD fan community to read inferior product.

  4. Ladies – I applaud you for taking a stand by taking a break. I honestly don’t know how you’ve done it daily for as long as you have. Look at it this way…even Katy takes a break from time to time from the “Ask Katy” section of dd.com so I say, “Good for you”. Enjoy your down time. The daily posts will be missed by many of us, but you guys need to take care of you first.

    Big Duranie hugs to the both of you. Definitely looking forward to hearing about your “Spring Break” escapades.


  5. Have a lovely time recharging your batteries and enjoying some down time to allow you to come back fresh and excited ready for a busy time in DD world x

  6. Hi Rhonda, Hi Amanda,

    Make’n break.
    4 years is a long time. Approximately 1618 days. I have been following your blog a little over 1 year. And I can not say that you have written your Llow quality. On The Contrary. I found it refreshing as creatively and with how much love you feel your blog have operated. This should provide a first.
    Have a great time. I will miss you. It was a cherished habit 1 times a day your blog call.
    I hope you come back and not quite stop. PLEASE ….. But until then, SPRING BREAK for both of you. Enjoy the time when you visited Amanda. Greetings from a very loyal and long-time for over 35 years) fan from Germany.

  7. Ah, Shoot… I just got back into the swing of things & y’all take off.

    Maybe I can catch up on your posts whilst you chill somewhere’s on Planet Earth… I’m sure I’ll find something to comment on. *me and my DD rambling* 😉

    Enjoy your break…

    sidenote -didn’t not get “Coward” comment am way out of loop

  8. I miss you ladies… wishing you a wonderful restoring break.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Sorry for the daily hostility you put up with everyday, you don’t deserve it, no music fan deserves it.

  9. Rhonda and Amanda, enjoy your break and come back as soon as it feels right to do so. Haters, you can stay gone, unless you take some time for self-reflection and growth, and return with an apology for these women, who are providing community and information to their fellow DD fans at no charge to us.

  10. Thanks for all the work, time, love and passion you put into this blog and for sharing your thoughts.
    I totally understand there comes a time you need a break.
    I’ve been running a German DD board since 2006 and always put a lot of time and energy into it.
    But some time in 2013 it didn’t make fun anymore and was just some kind of … let’s say duty.
    I had thoughts about closing the whole thing down or just making an archive out of it.
    But then I decided to close it down just until the end of the year (Oct to Dec 2013) and take a long break and rest.

    I wish you all the best
    … and I hope you will return

  11. Missing you lots, but hoping you’re both managing to relax and enjoy yourselves. I’m so saddened that you’ve had to put up with such negativity after all the effort you have put in every day for years. Wish we could be there to buy you a round to say thank you and let you know you are both appreciated by many x

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