Daily Duranie Summer Tour Update!

While it might be true that most of the US has taken their turn for Spring Break, Daily Duranie has been deep in the throws of Summer Tour planning!  We want to share the very beginnings of our plans so far in hopes of helping those who are traveling, and perhaps inspire others to join us along the way!

We want to give a shout out to the DDHQ and thank them again for helping us by sharing the framework of the tour so far.  It’s been especially nice to see what’s in the works so that we don’t have to have near heart attacks in reaction to news, or make split second decisions, and I know I’m not alone when I say “Thanks!”  This has been a great help!


The Biloxi Hard Rock Hotel looks like a great place to have a party, so Amanda and I are planning to get there the day prior to the show.  We want to meet other Duranies for drinks or even set up a party for the night before the show if anyone is interested.  Please let us know if you’re planning to get to Biloxi the day/night before the show and we’ll get to work on plans!

North Carolina (Durham)

Amanda and I have been working with some great people in the Durham, North Carolina area to plan what is going to be the pre-show get together of the entire tour!  If you’re on Facebook and are planning to go to the show, you should check out our Durham Pre-Party event and join in!  Find us here.  An especially huge thank you goes out to Karen and Kim for the amazingly cool party planning!!  We are still nailing down all of the little extras to make the night a special one, but we’ve got info to share for everyone planning to be at the Durham show!  We can’t wait to meet all of you!

Daily Duranie and Friends Pre-show Party – Durham!

Place: West End Wine Bar of Durham

Address: 601 West Main St. Suite E Durham, NC 27701

Time: 5pm!!  

What:  We’ve got our own reserved room with specialized “Duran” themed cocktails and wine specials. There is a menu that covers everything from appetizers to pizza (you know you gotta eat!). This is the place to be before the show!!

As we’ve mentioned prior, we’re also trying to get some “Duranie Dorms” put together for those who are traveling in to see shows.  We’re still working on this information, but what we think would be helpful is knowing about how many people would be interested as it makes a difference in the offered group rates.  At the moment, we are ONLY working on hotels/rates for Durham and Biloxi, so if you are going to either of those two shows and are interested in a hotel, please post a comment here OR let us know on the Daily Duranie Facebook page.  Other cities will be worked on accordingly and we’ll keep you updated!  Keep in mind that there are minimum room requirements for group rates, so if a group rate is not available – we’ll let you know what we’ve found as the lowest room rate for the hotel in question.  We are trying to find the magical combination of hotels nearest the venue with the appropriate surrounding nightlife at a reasonable price!

As you can see, initially we’ve been working on meet-ups for the gigs/shows we’re actually going to be attending, and then if there are people willing to host a party or meetup in other cities, we are willing, ready and happy to help set up parties in other places!  All a host really has to do is just be there and be ready to have a good time.  Sounds easy, right?  Let us know if this is something you want to do, and we’ll get the planning going!

We’ve been asked why we’re trying to get these parties going.  We’ve been told, “You’re not going to get anything out of the band for doing this stuff.  You know that, right?  You’re just a couple of fans like anyone else.  Not anyone important.”  That’s true.  That’s also not at all why Daily Duranie is doing any of this.  Seeing the band is a lot of fun.  We doubt there’s a single person out there that can’t say they’ve enjoyed at least ONE Duran Duran gig they’ve attended – regardless if some have been better than others and so on.  So, the band has the shows or gigs pretty well covered (thank goodness because I don’t sing or dance!).  We just think there’s more to being a fan than just going to the show with thousands of other nameless faces.  Many of us have had the opportunity to meet and make life-long friends with other fans.  Much of that opportunity has been lost, or at least misplaced, since 2005 – and we just decided to do something about it rather than just complain.  The joy we’re getting out of putting plans together and seeing fans get together is what we’re “getting out of it”.  Hard to believe, but it’s true.  All you have to do is be willing to have a good time!

Keep watching this space!!


6 thoughts on “Daily Duranie Summer Tour Update!”

  1. I wish the Durham show wasn't on a weeknight! Just reading about your plans makes me want to go! I plan on going to the CT and NJ shows if guys need any help organizing those 2 shows! I'm in CA so not sure how much help i can be, but thought i'd throw it out there:) Lori

  2. Hi Lori! I'm in California as well, and it's amazing how much I can get done with the internet!! 😀 If we have a fair amount of interest in getting a meetup together for CT & NJ, we'll take you up on your offer if you want to be the host! (which basically means the point of contact for fans who are going to the meetup as well as for the place we're having the party or get together) Thanks!!! -R

  3. i throw events for a living(at a winery), so i'm used to sort of organizing and 'working' at functions. i'm sort of crazy that way, so hit me up(we are fb friends)if you need help:):)

  4. i'm on the central coast, between san luis obispo and santa barbara. are you going to the ca shows? i'm going to try to go to all 3 if i can get off work….stupid job always gets in the way. at least i get to drink on the clock:)

  5. I'm going to have to msg you on Facebook…about the winery you work at! (we do a lot of wine tasting!)

    I am not sure that I'll make it to any of the California shows. We're on vacation the first week that Duran is touring – and I'm just barely going to be back in time for the Costa Mesa show. We'll see!! -R

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