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Daily Duranie Video Review for Pressure Off!

Anyone see any good videos lately?  Anyone??  Anyone??  Bueller?  Obviously, we might have taken some time to watch a certain little video for Duran Duran’s Pressure Off a time or two thousand.  Then, of course, we took some more time to bring you all another of our ridiculous, why-don’t-we-ever-stop-talking video reviews of it!  While we could go on and on here in writing, we won’t.  We’ll just let the video speak for itself…after all, we talk enough for the video AND a written blog.  (Yes, it seems we are always very wordy!)  Enjoy!  snort

Now, you probably want to watch something much more…fun so we thought you might enjoy seeing Pressure Off again for the 38,456th time and then the 38,457th time and the 38,458th time…You get our point!


2 thoughts on “Daily Duranie Video Review for Pressure Off!”

  1. Great video review of Pressure Off! Admittedly, when I first watched it, I was not a fan. I thought the winking and smiling was awkward, as were Nick’s exaggerated keyboard movements. But…after watching it a few more times, I think it’s fine. You guys hit it on the head–it fits the song, it’s minimalist, it’s about the music and the message of letting go/feeling relieved as Amanda said. The JT zipper thing doesn’t do much for me LOL but that goes with the territory of being a guy fan. (I can go watch Girls on Film or something ha ha ha). I LOVE that Nile and Janelle are in it. They are awesome. Nile is just so damn cool…I remember thinking how cool it was that he was in the video for Notorious, almost 30 years ago! So, all in all…I think it works.

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