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Tomorrow, I will finish the latest set of daily questions.  This time, I have been asking people which video they think is sexier.  We are down to the final three possibilities:  Pressure Off, Save a Prayer and Come Undone.  I anxiously await the results.

As many of you know, we have been doing the daily question for years now.  I feel like we have asked about everything, including favorite song, video, album cover, lyric, and so much more.  Right now, we are focusing on videos and I could continue to ask questions about them.  For example, I could ask about funniest video or smartest video.  Perhaps, I could focus on band members and which video they look best in.  Clearly, the possible questions are numerous.

If you read the blog on Friday, you know that we are in a period of reflection.  We are wondering what to focus on, if anything.  This, of course, includes the blog and these daily questions.  Should we continue it in the same format?  What about posting daily?  Do the questions of the day work for people?

This is where you all come in.  What do you think we should do in terms of the daily question?  Should we continue in the same way?  If so, do I keep asking about videos?  Is there another topic I should do instead?  I could ask something that I did ask before.  Maybe you think that I should change the format or the time from daily to weekly?  If that is true, what would you prefer?  Now, I have to acknowledge that the polling tool we use might not be able to do everything that might be suggested.

In all seriousness, I enjoy doing the daily question.  I like knowing what people think about various elements of Duran Duran, but I also want to make this work for everyone.  I thought about putting up a poll to ask this but I didn’t want to limit people’s thoughts to checking a box.  So, this is the time to just shout out your thoughts.  After people have chimed in, we will go through people’s suggestions as well as our thoughts and go from there.  I cannot promise you that we will use your suggestions but I would love to hear your ideas.  If nothing else, they will help me think, which I would totally appreciate.


6 thoughts on “Daily Questions Thoughts and Opinions”

  1. I just found your blog in the last year and enjoy it. I’ve spent time going back and reading older posts. I subscribe to your blog and get email alerts when a new post is up. To be totally honest I delete the alerts about the daily question. It doesn’t really interest me as I’m pretty set in my Duranie ways 😉 and after 37 years of loving this band comparing one song or video to another isn’t really of interest to me, personally. I still enjoy the rest of the blog, though!

  2. I look forward to the daily question. I love all the different directions you have taken it so far. I do like the idea about voting on each band member’s “best look”. That could be fun!

  3. As someone who doesn’t go online every day,it seems hypocritical to say yes, continue as you are.But when I go on, I have a feast of Duran blogs to enjoy and ponder. The polls are fun, and frequently hard to decide my answer.I’d say post any question that comes to mind and is interesting to you as you are doing all the work.

    1. I appreciate the feedback. While the question of the day doesn’t work for everyone, a lot of people seem to like it so it will stay for now. 🙂 -A

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