“Daily” Questions

I have enjoyed our “daily” questions!  The idea to do daily questions was hatched on some train in the UK during our tour in early December last year.  The original idea was just to do the “would you rather” variety in which people were expected to do between two different choices/options.  We thought we could come up with enough questions for a month.  Well, people responded positively to the questions when we introduced them in January of this year.  They responded so well, in fact, that we felt like we should keep going.  It seemed that people looked forward to the questions and even began to prepare for what questions might be asked next!  I liked that people could just answer some quick question that made them think about Duran or something Duran related.  Then, as much as I can, I will try to post a video related to how/what people responded.  This gave me a nice start to my day as I would watch the clips I posted.  Everyday, then, is filled with a little Duran!  Who could ask for more?
Of course, as time went on, Rhonda and I felt it necessary to expand beyond the “would you rather” questions to more open-ended questions.  This doesn’t mean that we would never use that format again but it is nice to ask all sorts of questions.  Yet, up until this point, the questions we have asked required a quick, little answer.  Sometimes, it only requires a one word response.  At times, people would respond by saying that they couldn’t decide.  I, often, recommended just going with one’s instinct, to go with what jumped out in one’s mind.   Like Duran has always done, we don’t want to get stuck in a rut.  We want to always keep ourselves and everyone else on their toes!  Change wouldn’t be because it hasn’t been good because we think it has.  It is about staying fresh and fun!  Thus, we are mixing up the daily questions!
For a little while, at least, we are going to expand the daily questions to weekly questions.  The purpose of this is two-fold.  First, the questions will be such that more time will be needed to answer them properly.  In fact, most of them will require 10 answers. The second reason is that it frees my mind up to finishing up work and the campaign.  Now, I will give reminders each day so that everyone remembers to give answers within the week.  I will still total the results.  I will provide the top 10 of the answers given and a video clip of the most often given answer, if appropriate.  I will be keeping the relatively same pattern within the change.  It doesn’t matter to me when people give their responses within that week.  The only thing I ask is that give me the whole list at one time.  🙂
Hopefully, by now, you have this week’s question as it has been posted both on facebook and twitter as usual.  Perhaps, you have even begun to think of your answers!  I can’t wait to read what everyone comes up with!!!

PS – Wanted to pass on the good word that Dom & his dad have a Facebook page for Blue to Brown now.  Go check ’em out and “like” the page…then go tell your friends!  Thanks!!  -R

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