Dancing on the Valentine Party!!!

I was hoping to review/give highlights/commentary on the latest Katy Kafe featuring one Mr. John Taylor, but…I cannot get the video to work for me despite trying on three different devices.  Hopefully, I will be able to do that for tomorrow.  Yet, I hope this post brings something better…or….just as good…or kinda good.  Well, at least, Rhonda and I think it will be good and VERY FUN, which is news of an online party!

A couple weeks ago, I blogged about how this winter has been getting me and lots of other people down, which you can read about here.  Yes, obviously, there is good reason for this feeling.  Instead of focusing on all that has been lost, it seems to me that this would be a good time to celebrate.  We can celebrate our fandom, our friendship and what is to come.  It can remind us why we love Duran Duran and that within that love is fun and friendship.  Therefore, Rhonda and I will be hosting the…DANCING ON THE VALENTINE PARTY!  No, it isn’t a super original name but it fits since it will take place on Saturday, February 13th.  Here are all the details:

What:  Dancing on the Valentine Party!

Who:  Everyone, Everywhere!

Where:  It will take place online!

When:  Saturday, February 13th starting at 8 pm central/6 pm pacific

Why:  To have some fun and to celebrate our mutual love of Duran and our friendships!

How:  This party will work like many of our other parties.  There will be a YouTube playlist.  “Attendees” will click on the playlist.  Then, we will comment, laugh, sing along with whatever we are watching!

Some other important details to note!

  1. We need people to send in suggestions for what to watch.  Everyone knows what Rhonda and I like to watch!  We want all attendees to have a voice in what is played!  Therefore, please send video requests to us through email, comments here on the blog, comments on our Facebook page, tweets…It doesn’t matter how–just send them in!  As people send in their suggestions, we will find them, put them on a YouTube playlist so that we will be good to go!  Now, I realize that some of you will say:  “I don’t know what I want to watch!  I can’t think of anything in particular!  Everything is good to me!”  Try this.  Decide if you would be in the mood for live footage, interviews, documentaries, videos.  Then, figure out what years or eras you would like to focus on more.  That usually helps me narrow my thinking.  🙂
  2. There will be a drinking game for this party!  Once we have our playlist set, Rhonda and I will come up with things to watch for to have a sip/drink of the beverage of your choice.  We are recommending a little Vodka and Cranberry for the evening.  In fact, on that day, we will declare the official drink title to be Valentine Stones.  Fitting, yes?
  3. A Facebook event page will be created once I have some time after grading my semester finals.  People can then get the details, RSVP for the party, share with other friends and other Duranie groups they might know of/belong to.
  4. The other important detail that we will be sharing later is where/how we are going to communicate throughout the party.  In the past, I have focused on talking to people on the Facebook event page and Rhonda has tweeted about it from our account.  The problem with this is obvious.  It starts to feel like 2 different parties are going on and the whole group doesn’t get a chance to “hang out”.  We would like some online place in which everyone can be on together!  It would be WAY more fun!  So, watch this space for details!!!

I think I have covered everything!  I will update this post once the event page is up.  More details about the drinking game will follow as will where the party will be held, in terms of an online location.  In the meantime, start thinking about what you want to watch and send us your suggestions!!!!  Suddenly, those semester finals don’t seem so tough to finish grading since now I have something to look forward to!


2 thoughts on “Dancing on the Valentine Party!!!”

  1. I’d like to suggest we watch Live from London (2003 I think) It was their reunion tour with all original band members and came out just prior to Astronaut being completed / released. I saw them in DC with my sister that year and I was so excited to see them back together. We can’t wait for the Dancing on the Valentine party!!

    1. We can definitely include Live from London on our viewing list for the party! Glad that you are looking forward to the party! We are, too!!! -A

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