Dancing on the Valentine

I know, I know….Dancing on the Valentine is probably not the most creative title I’ve ever used.  Chances are, we’ve used it before…and I’ll bet we’ll use it again, too!

I cannot lie, this “holiday” is one of my least favorite, ranking right up there with Mothers Day.   In our house, this holiday has become one that I celebrate for the kids. I buy each of them some treats and cards, and sometimes I’ll bake cookies or heart-shaped things, although I don’t do that as much now that they’re all in school and so busy I don’t even see them!  Tonight is opening night for my daughter’s musical (she is the dance captain and one of the Angels in Anything Goes for her school.), so for the past couple weeks I’ve barely seen her – she’s at school from 8am until 10 or 10:30 at night, every single day including Sundays right now. My husband really is not one for grand romantic gestures – I definitely did not marry a romantic and he doesn’t go all out for anything. My husband is practical, logical and pretty much all of the things that I am not. While this used to really bother me – I would be jealous of my friends getting flowers, cards, surprise lunches – I’ve learned that it’s just not what he does, and there is plenty that he does do on a daily basis, like support of all of us, and I am thankful. I just feel that the pressure to somehow be attached to someone or go all-out to show an emotion that should probably just be naturally present every day is a little ridiculous. That’s also how I see Mothers Day, as an overblown holiday.

The sweetest part of my day was when my youngest stumbled out of her room this morning and wandered over for her morning cuddle. I wished her a Happy Valentines Day and she remembered that she had a small card for me that she made yesterday at school and insisted that I open it right then. She is learning how to write her name – the letter “S” still gives her trouble, but she was able to write MOM on the envelope – I smiled and I know I’ll keep the card, along with the other cards I’ve gotten from my kids, in my special drawer in my closet. Yes, I’m that sentimental – I keep them all, along with some other notes and things I’ve gotten in the mail from friends and people I genuinely care about over the years. I love those handwritten notes, no matter how short they might be – I keep them.

I suppose that is also how I view things from the band – whether it’s an RT on Twitter or one of their blogs that we almost never see these days, or even the Katy Kafes. They are all special for one reason or another. It’s not often that those things come along, so when they do – I take the time to enjoy them or save them however I can. I hope that no matter how old I get, or how long I’ve been a fan, that those things still excite and thrill me. I still get excited to see one of them online and tweeting, never mind if they acknowledge anyone!

That is one reason why I smiled extra-wide yesterday when I saw that Duran Duran has a special treat planned for Record Store Day on April 20th. Not only is it my very favorite Duran Duran song of all-time….It’s also in vinyl of my very favorite color.

That’s right, Is There Something I Should Know is being released in blue vinyl in conjunction with it’s 30th anniversary. (!!!) The single will also have Faith in this Color on the B side, just as the original.  I’ll admit it, this is really exciting for me. I was thrilled to see it – and it was just the right thing I needed to see on just the right day.

Sometimes I swear the band is reading my mind. Then I slap myself and come back down to reality and notice that my daughter is sitting here at the table with me eating every last one of the chocolates I just gave her this morning!!!

Time for me to spring back into mom-mode, so I’m off. Happy Valentines Day everyone, and take a little time to appreciate the small things!


4 thoughts on “Dancing on the Valentine”

  1. I agree with you Rhonda that valentines day tends to pass me by – too commercialised and I don't need a special day to tell my loved ones how special they are! Have spent today with my 3 lovely girls have a great time walking in the park as we are on holiday from school this week. I was also grinning widely yesterday when I saw the news about the single on twitter, can't wait, it doesn't take much to make us happy fans.

  2. Thanks for the heads up about the re-release of Is There Something I Should Know. I will be on the look out for it.

  3. I got few fond memories on my past Valentine Days in Duran land. They have often posted sweet things for us fans.
    It’s funny to notice that in their lyrics the word ”love” doesn’t appear so frequently and explicitly.
    I think they feel love for us loyal hard-die fans and what we feel for them is love, although this feeling goes beyond love.

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