On this date in DD History – The Joint in Vegas!

Do you remember 2003?  I sure do. It was the summer of Duran Duran shows, and not just “ordinary” Duran Duran shows…but reunion shows. John, Simon, Roger, Nick and Andy. On stage. Together. For the first time in 20-some years.

Complete insanity.

My summer began that year with a show in Costa Mesa at the Pacific Amphitheater. I can still remember completely losing my mind when all five of them walked on stage together. I pinched myself until I was bruised just to be sure I wasn’t imagining everything I was seeing. It was absolutely, positively, unreal.

I know I wasn’t the only one, and little did I know at the time that it wouldn’t be the ONLY show I’d see with them that year. From then on, I was a woman out of control, or so it felt. I bought tickets to see them at 4th and B in San Diego, and then again in September to see them at Inland Invasion (a festival). I hadn’t seen all five members together on stage EVER, and then suddenly I saw them three times in the same year.

That said, I didn’t try to get tickets to see them in places like, Las Vegas, which looking back, seems like a silly thing to overlook. At the time though, traveling to see the band in another city so “far” away (it’s what, four hours from my house if I drive?) seemed so ridiculous. So “out there”.  Who would do something so frivolous???

I can honestly say that in 2003, I didn’t really know anyone in the Duran Duran fan community. I know I had already started dabbling on the message boards, but it wasn’t until after the summer that I found the message board that eventually became my online home. So, I wasn’t aware that droves of fans from So Cal went out to Vegas to see them that summer. It never even occurred to me.  But on this very date in 2003, a gig happened in Las Vegas at the Joint in the Hard Rock Hotel. Many of you were probably there, and can tell me all about what I missed out on, and that’s OK.

So yeah, my fandom with Duran Duran – or at least the really active part of it – happened later in life. I’ve tried to make up for lost time since, though!

Does anyone remember the show at The Joint?


2 thoughts on “On this date in DD History – The Joint in Vegas!”

  1. Yes – I was lucky enough to be there. My work colleagues thought I was crazy travelling from the UK to Vegas for just 4 days but I was compelled to do it- once in a lifetime trip! The whole adventure surpassed any expectations I had but the concert blew my mind. When they opened with ‘Friends of Mine’ I think I had an out of body experience and the tears just flowed… I was well and truly hooked all over again and now 14 years and probably 50 concerts on I am still as excited contemplating whether to go to Croatia to see them perform on my birthday ….Happy Birthday to you was created for you ….😀😀👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️

  2. My friend Angie (PebsLeBon) and I (NicksFallingAngel) went to the show! My 30th birthday was a week after the show, so this was a birthday present for me. Angie came up from North Carolina to see it with me, but we got separated at the show. She was somehow able to get right up to the stage, while I was midway back with a cute male Nick Fan and a wonderful gay couple from the UK! I had a fantastic time with them, dancing and singing along to every single song. There were some catty girls behind us, slinging their drinks at my feet, trying to get me to fall because they were mad that the guys were with me and not them! Angie later got asked for a light from Andy Jr. and we saw Nick and Roger getting into their car.

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