David Lynch Foundation Show Commentary

Since Amanda and Rhonda are together this week, they decided to do a V-log commentary!  Check it out…

and yes…. we’re back.   -A&R



5 thoughts on “David Lynch Foundation Show Commentary”

  1. Damn, you two are so cute! Great Vlog…I was actually hoping you would do something like this about last night. I would have loved to hear more about your personal interactions with them when you took pics, which are great, by the way. I can’t wait to meet you both when this darn tour finally gets underway. Heather and I will be travelling to finally break our DD hymen…lol. Until then, xo Chickrat

  2. Loved the v-log! I too want to hear more about the after-show shenanigans 🙂 Glad to hear the night surpassed expectations. #DD14 #PressureOff

  3. What an awesome video! You guys have such great energy and really bounce off each other nicely. I loved the review of the show (and nice that DDHQ posted the vids for the songs too!) But most of all… its so nice to have you back on line… yes… post when it makes sense… keep having fun!!

    1. I’m glad to hear that we bounce off of each other nicely on video. We obviously have always felt that to be the case, which is why we have been able to work together so well but nice that others agree. 🙂 -A

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