#DD14 Collaboration: Kiesza

Yesterday, Duran Duran’s official Facebook and Twitter announced that the artist, Kiesza, is officially a part of the Duran’s upcoming album (known to all of us as #DD14 because no title will be shared).  The announcement was accompanied by an article on globeandmail.com, which you could read here, in which she fielded a question about her work with Duran Duran.  Now, this was not completely new information to many (or to me, but, our policy at Daily Duranie is NEVER to post rumors as truth until the rumors have been confirmed.  Call it blog and fan integrity.), but it still got quite a bit of reaction, nonetheless.


As always, whenever, Duran Duran, through DDHQ and social media, announces anything, there is always a mixed bag.  That said, there are always some announcements that receive mostly positive, excited responses and others that tend to create more anxious or disgusted responses.  From what I could see, there is a lot of negative feedback from this piece of news.  What are people negative about:

*They don’t like Kiesza’s music.
*There are too many collaborations on #DD14.
*There shouldn’t be any collaborations at all.
*The album is taking too long.

Let’s break these down a bit.


From what I saw by the online comments about this collaboration is that a lot of people don’t know who she is.  I have to admit that I didn’t.  Then, obviously, many checked her out.  I’ll include her video, Hideaway, below so you, too, can judge her musical abilities.

Clearly, she is well-known by many outside of Duranland as the video had, at least, 19 million views on YouTube.  There are many fans who did know her or who did check her out that did not respond to her favorably.  Some simply pointed out that she is better than others Duran Duran has or are rumored to be collaborating with.  Yes, there are some fans of hers responding but…overall, the people responding weren’t excited by her appearance on the upcoming album.  One thing that I will say, in fairness, is that we don’t know exactly what or how much she will be singing on the album.  We also don’t know how her voice will sound with Duran’s music.  I remember people being apprehensive about Kelis and her contribution to Leopard.  Yet, for many, her vocals definitely added to the song.

Too Many Collaborations

Another comment that I saw in looking at the reactions to this update about the upcoming Duran Duran album is that there seems to be a TON of collaborations on the album.  Here is the list that I came up with and I might be missing many:

*Mark Ronson
*Nile Rodgers
*Mr. Hudson
*John Frusciante
*Voce Chamber Choir and the London Youth Chamber Choir
*Ali Lohan
*Possibly Lindsay Lohan
*Possibly Hollie Cook and Natasta Khan from Bats for Lashes (they were both seen at the studio, at least)

These are the ones who have been announced, confirmed, mentioned through official means, in some way, shape or form that I could remember.  Based on that list, the collaborations have been many.  Why do they need that many?  Frankly, many of these collaborators are very different from each other and VERY different from Duran Duran.  What affect will that have on the cohesiveness of the album?  Will it sound like one united album or will it feel and sound disjointed and strangely put together?  Will it feel like or sound like Duran Duran?  Many fans seem genuinely worried about this.  I know that I am.

Why Have Collaborations At All?

Some fans are wondering about the need for collaborations, in general.  These fans are quick to point out that they didn’t NEED collaborations in their early days.  Why do they seem to need them now?  Why can’t they just stand on their own?  Why do they need others?  Why can’t Duran Duran just make an album, by themselves? While I do understand that some collaborations truly do make songs special, I have wonder why they need this many collaborations.  It doesn’t necessarily send a message of confidence in themselves, which many fans are reacting to, I think.

Just Put Out the Album Already!

Let’s face it.  People are running out of patience.  No, obviously, not all people, not all fans are running out of patience but many are.  Many fans (including us!) just want the album out.  It has been taking too long.  (Before you send me hateful comments about how it always takes this long and I wouldn’t want to rush the artistic process, I refer you back to this post here about how long does it normally take Duran Duran.)  My point is that people are frustrated or are getting more and more frustrated.  These fans don’t want to hear about another collaboration.  They want to hear about song titles, album title, a RELEASE DATE.  They care about those things.  After all, none of us can really judge this collaboration or any other until we are able to hear the album for ourselves.


8 thoughts on “#DD14 Collaboration: Kiesza”

  1. I just am amazed of how weird is the game they’re playing with their talent!
    However, it’s premature to leave comments on the new names I hear. When the album gets finally out I’ll do my review.
    Fingers crossed on the new album.

  2. I have to admit I like Kiesza’s song and singing a lot on Hideaway and the dancing is all right as well, but her outfit leaves something to be desired, imho.

    One rather odd, yet interesting footnote… at one point her dancing reminds me a LOT of the short-cropped blonde girl in The Chauffeur who was doing funky moves in an underground garage. Many may not have seen it as she’s a bit lacking clothes above the waist (like her entire top, lol), but it seems like Kiesza has captured some of her moves which is both an strange coincidence, but kind of weirdly cool too.

    Overall, I think that if Duran wants to do a lot of collaborations who are we to say otherwise? If it goes well, most of us will be glad they did. And, if it doesn’t then I guess we’ll all be pulling for DD# 15 and/or Reportage to finally be released without such a long wait inbetween albums!

    1. No one denies that Duran can collaborate with whomever they want. That said, as fans, we absolutely have the right to say whether or not we like it or not, too. If enough fans don’t like something and don’t buy the product, a message would definitely be sent. -A

  3. Just got round to listening to the Kiesza track you posted, and it’s ace. I think I’m going to like this album! Eventually!

  4. That was actually what I meant in terms of if it doesn’t go well, that fans will be voting by not buying, and the band will need to go back to the drawing board for DD#15, and likely much quicker than what has happened this time round.

    I think what all these collaborations are beginning to remind me of is So Red the Rose by Arcadia. As you’ll recall, they had quite a few musical guests on the album, including David Gilmour, Herbie Hancock, Grace Jones, and Sting (who provided backing vocals on “The Promise”). Honestly, I didn’t even really notice the first two, and only Grace Jones stood out imho, which either suggests that we need not worry about them as they may prove relatively unnoticeable. Or, that Duran perhaps shouldn’t really worry about them either because they may prove relatively unnoticeable/unappreciated.

    Given we’ve had to wait this long, perhaps they felt they needed to add some spice to the stew. Then again, it may be a case of too many cooks will spoil things

    I’ll stop with the guessing now because we’ll only know for sure when they finally get things done and released, and it’ll get here when it gets here.

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