DD14 Will Be Called…Paper Gods!

Anyone see anything interesting in last day or so?  My social media universe seem to once again explode with activity late last night.  No, it wasn’t new tour dates but something exciting, nonetheless!  The following picture was posted by Duran Duran:

Paper Gods


This, of course, alerted Duranies all over Planet Earth (pun…totally intended) that the Wild Boys (again intended) were really getting ready to release their next studio album, their 14th studio album.  This album we all have been referring to as #DD14 now has a name.  The baby has a name.  Paper Gods.

What were the reactions?  As with everything else in Duranland, there were some mixed reactions and some additional thoughts.  In general, the reactions were of two basic camps from what I could see.  Many were just simply excited by this.  It represents the end of a VERY, VERY, VERY LONG drought in between albums.  It will end this time’s Durantime.  It means new music, a tour and a flurry of Duran activity.  I assume that those fans would have been excited over anything related to the new album.  That isn’t a criticism.  I just think there were many fans who are too excited to even decide what they really think of the album title!!!  I get that!  I want the end of Durantime, too!  I love that there is so much to react to that I could be blogging every hour or so and still not run out of things to talk about.

The other general reaction is a new push for “when”!  The fans who responded with questions such as that are excited, too, but they are also impatient.  They want to know exactly when the album will drop, when the first single is being released, when more tour dates will come and more.  Again, I’m not sure the fans who reacted that way indicate what they actually think of the title.  The fact that the album title got thrown out there makes them want all information now.  It increases their anxiousness.  Again, I can’t criticize that.  I’m impatient, too.  Heck, we here at the Daily Duranie have been complaining about Durantime since like 2013.  Is it harder now that there is a tease?  Maybe so.  I think of it like driving.  If I’m on a long car ride, I’m fine until I get close to my destination then I can’t wait to get out of the car.  That’s how many are feeling about #DD14…wait…I mean Paper Gods.

The other reactions/thoughts/comments focus on either the title itself and what it means and the art.  First, what does “Paper Gods” mean exactly?  I don’t know.  I know that there are a lot of fans trying to figure that out.  Does it represent “money”?  Does it represent false or empty “gods” that people might worship like money?  Assuming that there is a song of the same name, will we get a better clue then?  I suspect so.  I admit that I will be looking to that song to give me a clue as to the meaning and even direction of the album.  Could the cover offer some clues?

If you look closely at the cover, you can see that there are images in the background.  Many are calling these images “subliminal”.  Let’s take a look at the other pictures that are also flying around social media that could be showing these background images.

Posted by Eden Folwell


Paper Gods sub 2
Posted by Dan Jones

Many are speculating that these images mean something.  For example, “cherry ice cream smile”.  The bottom picture has a lot more pictures that directly represent Duran and their musical and visual history.  Now, if these background images represent Duran, either directly or indirectly, what does that say about the title?  Is an album cover “paper” and the musical genius behind the album the “gods”?  I, obviously, have no idea.  Not a clue.  I do also wonder about the use of blue and pink.  It does remind me of those phones in the Rio video with Simon using the blue “boy” one and the woman using the pink “girl” phone.  Will those be the colors of the album?  Are they a reference to Duran’s history?  Again, I have no idea.

What are my thoughts then about the title and the image that went along with?  I’m not sure about the title.  I am anxious to hear the song to see what it is a reference to.  I would love for it to be a subtle social commentary that Duran is so capable of.  While that shade of blue and pink aren’t my colors, I do love that there is something to speculate about, something to wonder about, something to discuss.  This is a BIG part of what I miss with Durantime!  I’m ready for many, many discussions about all of it!!!

What do you think???




One thought on “DD14 Will Be Called…Paper Gods!”

  1. to me “Paper Gods” refers to their posters stuck on the walls of our bedrooms, which we worshipped so much, as if true Gods. The guys throughout their careers, in almost every line-up so far, they have been seen like “paper Gods” by the music industry and with this album they hope to show they have grown better than like “paper Gods”.
    It’s in contrast with “Pop Trash”: it was referred to critics that rated their music as “pop trash”.Pop Trash was a more “negative” concept, luckily #DD14 reads a more “positive” one, both of the album titles read to me to share the feeling of revenge against a certain part of the music industry.

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