Dear Santa – 2015 edition!

Not sure exactly when this started, but Amanda and I like to do our own “Dear Santa” letter each year on Christmas Eve. 2015 is certainly no exception, particularly since we’ve got a tour coming next year!!!  Since Amanda is on vacation this week, I had her send me her list, I compiled it with my own list (They were remarkably similar. Imagine that.) and here you have it! So without further adieu…

Dear Santa,

How are you? Amanda and I are doing well. This past year has been fantastic, as it brought us shows (David Lynch Foundation show in April, and the October west-coast “tour” with our friend Heather);  a wonderful new album, Paper Gods; plenty of fun times Skyping together even as Amanda was in Wisconsin and I was at home in California; a month of no blogging as we took a well-deserved spring break; and a lot of laughter and friendship. She and I have worked very hard to write the blog each day, and have even managed to come up with more plans that we haven’t the foggiest idea of how to implement into our daily lives. We need more hours in the day for sure. For the most part, I would say that we have been very good this year.  (Again, I said… for the most part.)

Sure, there might have been some debauchery, and yes, we did manage to duck behind a friend when it was almost CERTAIN that we were going to be baptized, yet again… by Mr. Le Bon.  He didn’t miss, I’ll say that much. In our defense, Amanda is a teacher. I am a mom, and those jobs are almost 24/7. We blog every. single. day. (So this year it was really more like 234 days, even so…we write about Duran Duran even when no one else IS. Talk about being committed. Or needing to be committed….ANYWAY…)  We are beacons of innocence throughout much of the year. If we can’t let our hair down while “on tour”…when can we?? If we can’t send a joke around once in a while on Twitter…what is the point?  If we can’t tease a band member on occasion…really, what fun is left?? And about that baptism trick of Simon’s…I thought that once was enough, and Krista was more than happy to shield us and take the hit.

So….  Really, we’re not that bad!

Santa, we hope that you agree that Amanda and I are worthy of at least a few presents this year, and that our collective list gives you a few options. Naturally, we would never expect all of our wishes to be fulfilled, but we’re certainly hoping for the best!!

In no particular order…( and yes, dreams are free, and sometimes you just gotta ask. So we are!)

  • We’re putting in a request for Duran Duran to put LATE BAR in their set list. Ever helpful, we are cheerfully (or cheekily?!?) suggesting perhaps there would be room if a song such as, say…Come Undone, were retired for a gig or seven?  <insert wide, innocent, toothy grins here>
  • We are hoping for more energy for Duran Duran this year, because we have dreams of 3-hour shows with plenty of DoJo, JoSi, Roger stick-twirling and Nick-smirking. (if Bruce Springsteen can do it…so can Duran Duran! Like we said, dreaming of more energy for Duran Duran…..) 
  • More shows! We are hoping to do fan meet-ups and parties so that fans from all over can meet one another and get together before the shows – but in order to do that, we need to be able to go to more shows. Alas…
  • We’re hoping for a great Chicago venue, since that is one place we are definitely planning on for 2016! More midwest shows are a YES on this wish list!
  • We do not have a single photo with the entire band. We’re Daily Duranie and we’ve never met the band together, much less pictures with them…and we’re only together in pictures with Simon and Dom. Really hoping to make a group shot happen in 2016…and since this is a wish list, we’d love to interview a band member or two while we’re at it!
  • Durandemonium 2017 is a real thing, and in order to pull it off, we might need to win the lottery or learn how to make money with the blog. HELP!
  • The real dreams: more hours in the day, more energy…and a webmaster for Daily Duranie who is NOT named Rhonda Rivera. (seriously!)
  • Daily Duranie is a dream come true in every way but the bill-paying kind. Hoping the idea to make that part work comes to us this year, whether by dream or while wide-awake.
  • Along those same lines, hoping to sell a couple of book proposals for publishers this year. Crossing fingers, good ju-ju, mojo, publishing contacts, or positive thoughts would all be very welcome!

As you can see, we are shooting for the stars! Our list is lofty, fun, and of course a bit tongue-in-cheek. We know how hard it is to make wishes come true, but we believe in you, Santa. Even so, we are going to make the best of what we have, enjoy the time we get…and Rhonda is still taking those web courses when she finds time…just in case the whole webmaster thing never happens. You might even notice we aren’t even bothering to ask for Hungry Like the Wolf to be removed from the set list, or for Simon to stop with the White Lines baptismal sessions.  Even we know when to quit….most of the time.

We’re very excited to see you…um, I mean to see presents on Christmas, and to keep writing in 2016. After all, we love you….I mean we love you AND Duran Duran…and this is part of what makes it so much fun.

Stay safe, take care of yourself and those elves of yours, be healthy, and Happy Christmas!


Amanda and Rhonda


PS – we write this list with humor in mind. It might be a bit satiric, sarcastic, cheeky, and even way over-the-top. Perhaps you’re sitting there wondering why Amanda and I even think we are deserving of what we’re asking. I would refer you to my first sentence. It is written in HUMOR, no hate-mail necessary.  Merry Christmas!

One thought on “Dear Santa – 2015 edition!”

  1. Loved it and thanks for the smiles, when due
    Good luck on the new year.
    I really hope to see you hosting on your blog an interview with any of the band members, because you’d deserve it,
    You work hard for them, it is about time they acknowledge it.

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