Diamond in the Mind…is anybody hungry for a wolf?

The Vinyl Factory released some photos of the new Diamond in the Mind Vinyl!  Take a good look at the pretties!!all-copy front-copy1back-copy

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At first glance, I really like the front cover, in all of it’s sparkly splendor.  I did spy the photography included in the packaging – particularly the nighttime “spotlight” photo and the one of the two women on the railing, which look like Nick’s work.  I must admit that when I saw the photo of the women, I chuckled.  Branding, branding, branding.  It still works!!

What I didn’t chuckle over, were the track listings.  If you care to take a gander, you might notice a few things:

On the outer sleeve itself they list View to a Kill instead of A View to a Kill, they leave “The” off of Reflex, and instead of writing the full title to (Reach Up for the) Sunrise, they left it at Sunrise. Small things, really – and I might not have even noticed or cared had it not been for something they did to another song on one of the inner sleeves that I know will boil the blood of many detail-oriented Duranie out there:  they mistakenly renamed Hungry Like The Wolf to be Hungry Like A Wolf.

Small errors?  Yes, definitely…and perhaps most of them were intended.  Let’s face it, even the band shortens the titles to their songs when writing about them or doing set lists, and quite frankly WE destroy them when we shorten them to mere acronyms.  ITSISK, anyone???

As an aside: I remember being virtually spanked by my good pal “Moocher” on DDF (see…I can’t stop the acronyms!!) because I consistently shortened Red Carpet Massacre to RCM.  His point was that the band titled the song (and album) for a reason – and that I was being rude by shortening it. To the band, the songs are like their children, and I was basically renaming their precious by only using their initials.  How would I like that?  Hmm…how do I sign my blogs again? 

In any case, perhaps the titling was done purposefully, and in the scope of things I don’t necessarily think it s huge problem or should matter.  Leaving “The” off of The Reflex probably won’t ruin anybody’s day. However… I think there’s a line in the sand when it comes to getting the title wrong. Hungry like Wolf?  Really??  Maybe Vinyl Factory doesn’t realize that to many a Duran fan, that sort of thing is akin to scratching nails down a chalkboard. Do they have any idea how many times a journalist has gotten the title wrong in articles? Interviews? Even on videos shows?  Probably not.  While I’m sure that to many it’s not a big deal, and perhaps they chalk it up to the same “artistic license” I mentioned before…the very fact that they weren’t consistent in their labeling (on the other covers and even on the albums themselves the title is correctly listed) tells me that it was an error.

I have to think that someone in Duran’s camp had to sign off on this at one point or another, and maybe they saw it and didn’t see it as a big deal, or maybe they didn’t see it at all because mistakes do happen…but as someone who has been a fan for a very long time and knows how fans react, I kind of think people will notice. We’re funny that way.





13 thoughts on “Diamond in the Mind…is anybody hungry for a wolf?”

  1. Here are a couple more errors that I caught:

    “The” Wild Boys
    Girl Panic “!”

    I HATE when the song titles are incorrect. It drives me INSANE!!


    1. I checked the discography – and Wild Boys has always just been Wild Boys…no “The” that I could find. As for Girl Panic!, you’re right – they omitted the “!” I missed that one! -R

      1. Wasn’t it listed as “The” Wild Boys on Arena…and then forevermore it’s always listed as just Wild Boys?

        1. Well…the best I can say without digging through my records (which aren’t in a convenient place at the moment) is that I checked the discography on dd.com, and they have it listed on Arena as Wild Boys. I will check my record later though to be sure! 🙂 -R

        1. Good point about the single cover. dd.com does list it as “Wild Boys” on Arena but the actual album lists it as “The Wild Boys”. Yet, Decade lists it as just “Wild Boys”. Clearly, the band isn’t consistent with this one. -A

      2. here’s what i did this morning instead of laundry: i went through my Duran collection and looked at every media on which The Wild Boys appears. this includes DVDs, VHS, cassettes, CDs and vinyl. it is listed as The Wild Boys on every version of Arena (vinyl, cassette, CD, VHS and DVD). it is also listed as The Wild Boys on the Singles Box Set 81-85.
        every other album i own that features this song, whether studio or live version, lists it as Wild Boys.

        now i have to go do laundry.

  2. Also: Is There Something I Should Know -> where is the question mark? Not buying this record, too many errors.

  3. You’re right Alison, they didn’t use the question mark. Given that they left “The” off in a couple places – I guess that doesn’t surprise me much. I was thinking that maybe I was the only Duranie out there that noticed, but I’m seeing others are noticing the errors too. I don’t know that it should stop someone from buying the album, but I understand where you’re coming from. -R

  4. i ordered this on April 7 and just got my shipping notice today. i’ll finally see it in 1-3 weeks thanks to international air mail. *le sigh*

    i’m going to guess that our Controller, Mr. Rhodes, didn’t give the final approval on the graphics. good thing most of us love our Duran collectibles unconditionally.

    1. I thought about that possibility, and it does make sense to me given that it’s a live show. As I said in the blog, I didn’t really notice the shortened titles until I saw “Hungry Like A Wolf”, then I started really looking. I don’t honestly think it’s a big deal and it sure wouldn’t stop me from buying it…but I know of people who were upset enough to post on the band’s Facebook that they wouldn’t buy the album because of the “mistakes”. Silly? I’ll let you decide! -R

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