Do You All Know it’s Time for Holiday Music?!?

I was in the car today trying to get some shopping done before I had to go and pick up my youngest from preschool.  I was listening to one of my regular stations (I listen to JackFM in Southern CA because it’s the only station where I can hear Motley Crue in one moment and Duran Duran in the next!)  when I started thinking that it’s the week before Thanksgiving here – and that next week some of the stations out here should start playing holiday music.  My family celebrates Christmas in all it’s glory (and I mean that in the most secular way possible…), and I am known for going above and beyond in my decorating.  I love the holidays, but I pretty much detest cooking, so any motivation I can have to get in the mood to bond with my stove is very much appreciated. I suppose holiday music is one of those things!  I don’t know what prompted me, but I changed the station just to see if KOST 103.5 had started their “month of Christmas music” yet – and sure enough, they had!

Up until today, I hadn’t yet even shopped for Thanksgiving yet – again I have to mention the whole “detest cooking” thing, and at that moment I was coming back from the grocery store.  I really wasn’t feeling the holidays at all.  It’s hard for me to believe we’re already staring down the barrel at holiday shopping – so I cranked up the tunes and sure enough, I went from thinking about fall to getting excited about getting out my decorations next weekend.  (never mind the day of cooking that comes next Thursday)

As I drove home, I wondered how long it would be before I heard Do They Know it’s Christmas.  So many memories come along with that song for me.  I can remember the Christmas it came out, and how I think I drove my Dad crazy with insisting he keep the radio station in our car tuned to KIQQ (yes, this was back in the 80’s…that station is LONG gone now!) because they kept that song in heavy rotation, along with New Moon on Monday and pretty much every other Duran Duran song at the time.  I can even remember hearing it as we were out looking at Christmas lights one night, and squealing with delight when I heard Simon’s voice.  My poor father probably lost hearing that night.  🙂

To this day, I get a silly grin on my face when the song comes on the radio.  I don’t think it just signifies Christmas for me anymore – it is a dear, dear memory of my youth.  It’s a memory of Duran Duran truly being on top of the world, on my wall and in my heart.   It’s memories of going for rides in my parents green Mercury looking at Christmas lights, having my Dad tell me to “keep it down in the back!”, my mom asking me which singer was Simon for the 100th time, and hearing my younger sister groan at having to hear Duran Duran yet again.  Good times!

This year, it appears we are going to get a little something extra for ourselves around Christmas time.  While it’s pretty obvious to everyone that we’re no longer 12 years old…I wonder if we’ll always associate All You Need Is Now with the holidays after this?  I look forward to finding out!


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