Doesn’t Have to be…Anonymous!

The Daily Duranie has been in existence for over a year and a half.  During that time, we have posted daily with the few exceptions of times without internet over in the UK.  Thus, we have had quite a few posts.  Likewise, we have a number of followers here as well as on twitter.  We also have a number of friends on facebook.  Since the beginning, we have had a number of comments here, on twitter and on facebook.  I hope it is completely clear that we welcome comments and discussion.  That said, as a student of fandom, it fascinates me why we have the most “friends” on facebook and the least number of followers on twitter.  On most posts, facebook is the location with the most discussion.  Here, discussion, sometimes, does not happen, which is okay as not every topic might be worthy of discussion or create a reaction, one way or another.  Yet, it is fascinating to me how so many of the comments here that disagree with us or with our readers are done under “anonymous”.  Why is that? 

As I stated in the first paragraph, we have the most “friends” on facebook, then on twitter and a few followers here.  Now, I’m willing to bet that there might be crossover between two of those groups or even three groups.  I’m also willing to bet that not everyone reads the blog daily or even weekly.  Nonetheless, we have way more readers on a daily basis than what our blog followers would indicate.  Fascinating.  Why is that?  Why would more people friend us on facebook?  Maybe, it is because it seems to be easy to friend someone on facebook or follow someone on twitter.  It seems to be much easier to do either of those things than it is to be a follower on this blog, since the formatting of blogger requires a different account to connect to.  Okay.  Thus, I can sort of understand why people wouldn’t indicate that they are followers here.  Why are there less followers on twitter than friends on facebook?  It seems to me that twitter is just as easy as facebook.  In fact, I would go a step further and say that twitter is even easier than facebook!  After all, there is no need for confirmation when following someone.  So, what’s the difference?  Are there simply more Duran fans on facebook?  Do you think that is true?  I won’t lie.  Rhonda and I would love for us to have more followers everywhere, but especially here.  We would love for the number of followers to closer match the number of readers we have on a daily basis.  I suspect that we would get more commenters then as well.

Speaking of comments, out of the three areas, facebook often has the most lively discussions.  (Of course, it seems clear that not every person commenting has actually read the blog, which is a little frustrating since we take the time and effort to write).  It seems like people aren’t afraid to disagree with our points of view or with other people’s points of view regarding some topic in Duranland.  This fascinates me as many people (not all) use their personal facebook pages when commenting on the daily blog topic.  Thus, people don’t seem to be afraid to put themselves and their opinions out there for others to read and respond to.  As for twitter, it seems harder to have discussions on there due to the character limit but it does seem and has been possible.  Twitter may or may not be as personal as facebook can be.  People can show who they really are and can hide who they really are.  Perhaps, that changes what or what does not get said.  I don’t know.  This place, on the other hand, seems to be filled with anonymous comments.  Obviously, there are lots of people who post comments openly as themselves but there are plenty of people who don’t.  Is this simply a situation of the pain-in-the-butt blogger getting in the way?  Maybe.  Perhaps, that is the case for some.  It seems interesting to me that many of the anonymous comments are one that either disagree with us or with other readers.  It is rare to find a comment that disagrees with us, strongly, for example, in which the person commenting is open about who they are.  Something to ponder.  If people aren’t afraid to criticize us or each other on facebook, why won’t they do it here?  What makes this place so different?

I don’t have the answer for that.  I can only keep encouraging people to comment here (again, I recommend following us here first).  After all, we are totally cool with people disagreeing with us here (or on facebook or twitter).  Heck, Rhonda and I don’t always agree.  I would like to think that we show people that it is okay to disagree as long as we do it respectfully.  Perhaps, that is part of the problem, though.  Not everyone comments back with respect.  Duranland can and has gotten ugly at times, for some people.  Could that be why people worry about commenting here?  Again, I use the example of facebook and say that there is a lot of comments on there.  Could it be that this seems more permanent?  Could it be that it seems more open to the outside world since as a blog, it can be read by anyone?  I don’t know the answer to any of these questions.  I would love to know what the rest of you think.  What’s the deal with both the number of followers and what’s the deal with the comments?


19 thoughts on “Doesn’t Have to be…Anonymous!”

  1. In my case, it's anonymous because I am NOT joining yet another thing that I have to remember a name and password for(I have a username/password spreadsheet and it's TWO and a HALF pages long to account for all the sites–which include shopping/message boards/financial/emails/etc–I have joined over time, I'm not adding to it LOL) and I never ever remember the names I make up for use with the “Name/URL” option, so they always end up being different which really is no different than being anonymous.

    Thus I just post anonymously because frankly I can't be bothered to try to remember a name. 🙂

  2. I never use my real name on the internet. Nothing personal towards you guys, but I never use my real name on the internet and I always use different names at different sites(less chance of identity theft/stalking) so as I said, I'd have to remember what name I used here and I know me, I couldn't do it. 🙂 I tried to use one here a couple of times, but I ended up using totally different ones each time because…I couldn't remember what I used last. LOL

  3. Well, it would be nice to know when “you” are posting rather than all the other anonymous posters, assuming that there are many anonymous posters out there!


  4. I usually try to post with my name, but then I am not afraid to tell people what I think about things, lol. As for following, I am only ever on this site for this blog or on rare occasion when someone links me to something of interest. I have no interest in “following” anyone here. I AM on FB every day and see the posts there in my notifications. If it sounds like something interesting and I have time, I come read. I comment when i feel moved to. As for Twitter, I have an account, but stopped going there on a regular basis a while ago. I got tired of reading what everyone was eating for lunch *yawn* and anything John or Dom posts there, shows up on FB. I occasionally go over to Twitter when I have an e-mail that someone mentioned me or replied to something I posted. (Most of my posts there are generated by outside sites I have linked.) And then, of course, I occasionally like to see what nonsense Simon is up to and if he is drunk again. (Always fun to read.)

    Note to the previous anonymous poster: maybe you could think of a single name that doesn't give away any information about yourself that you use on ALL websites that you don't post on regularly. Like one name for all those you normally post anonymously on and then you only have to remember one name. (Maybe even something like Just Me.) The rest can be stored on that list of yours. I also don't like using my real name online for anything if I can help it. Although I use THIS name almost everywhere. Only those who KNOW me, know who I am. Just a thought.

  5. I know that you post under your name, which I think is great! As for following on here, I mean follow the blog–not other people. If you look below our list of topics, our followers are shown.


  6. I prefer posting here to FB as I feel it is more in depth and relaxed than FB – which seems to turn over really fast.

    I used to post Anon – simply because I couldn't figure out how to use a name – and it never occured to me to sign at the bottom. On reflection it was a little rude of me. Oops – sorry!

    I like that there's all types of social media for people to choose from. I'm a forum tyopew of person rather than FB or Twitter.


  7. To “Anonymous”:
    When Amanda says to sign your name at the end of your comments, I think she means using either initials (like she does, to differentiate between her posts and Rhonda's) or perhaps a first name. I totally understand your concern for security and privacy. I don't use my real name either, just a screen name that I've been using for a long time.

    Getting back on topic…

    I'm present on FB, Twitter and here. Frankly, I find it overwhelming to keep on top of every new social media site that pops up. Therefore, I'm more selective in terms of how often I post something and where. I never liked the idea of linking sites and posting stuff that EVERYONE can see across the board. My Facebook is seen by family and friends, co-workers and former schoolmates. I don't want to clutter up their newsfeed with a constant stream of Duranie chit chat. I think that's why I stick to message boards–I can type long posts (no amount of restrictions like Twitter), post pictures, get to know and grow with a specific group with similar interests (the social aspect) and focus on one main subject.

    I use each social media site for different reasons. Twitter is more of a series of short, daily blurbs and announcements–not good for long conversations but it gets to the point. Facebook is just a means of keeping ties with or tabs on certain individuals I know (I follow very few FB groups and participate with their large pool of members even less). I come here to Daily Duranie to hang out with fans and talk about–what else?–Duran Duran! I enjoy the thought-provoking conversation. Here's the funny thing: I do more interaction HERE on this blog than I do with the official FB page for Duran Duran. I think it has something to do with the smaller numbers…less chance of being “just a number”. When DD announces something on Facebook, they get–quite literally–hundreds if not thousands of replies. Here, we get roughly ten comments…maybe closer to 30 if it's a HOT topic. I'd rather read 30 unique, thoughtful replies than wade through 1,000 posts which more or less say the same things on repeat like, “Happy Birthday ____!”, “You're so sexxxxxy!!”, “Can't wait to see you in ______”, “You're the best band ever!!! You're awesome!!! You rock!!!”. Know what I mean?

  8. While I will be the first or second to admit that it's a little annoying if not disheartening to read nastygrams from folks that can't even be bothered to stand behind their caustic words with their name, the vast majority who comment here, whether they sign with “anonymous” or otherwise, tend to have enlightening things to say, regardless of whether they are things I agree OR disagree with. I would hate to deter anyone from commenting just because they choose not to sign their name, because ultimately it is Amanda and I who have decided to allow anyone from commenting, whether they have chosen to share their name or otherwise (yes, we have the ability to only allow signed comments – in fact back when the first blog first started we only allowed signed comments, meaning that you had to have a google account to comment.)

    I just hope people feel comfortable commenting here. That's really the important point, no matter how you choose to do so. There's no way that I can promise we'll always agree with your point of view, but I really do strive to keep discussions respectful, even when those discussions are spirited and passionate! 🙂 -R

  9. I post as 'Anonymous' because when I feel inclined to respond, my ideas tend to be in disagreement with a lot of comments posted previously. I respond in those instances only hoping to bring light to another point of view. I usually don't make the effort to comment when Im in agreement- too much effort, nothing useful added to the convo. Problem is, if I only respond when I disagree with something, I get a reputation as a belligerent bitch. When you have a rep as a belligerent bitch, people don't like to share ideas with you and they tend to misinterpret what you write anyway. They seem automatically defensive, and even if they think your thoughts make sense, they won't say so for various reasons.

  10. So basically, long story long :), I post anonymously in hopes that people will read my ideas subjectively and hopefully say, 'hmmm, never thought of it that way, good point,' as opposed to thinking I'm only making a comment to get a rise out of someone. If I take the time to respond it's because i truly want to express myself. -Anon 😀

  11. OH! Also, though, if I did have something 'nasty' or citical to say, I'd sign my name. Sounds funny, but I have more respect for people who do that as opposed to hiding behind 'anonymous' when calling someone out about something. Guess that doesn't really make sense since my 'signed' name could be fake, but I digress.

  12. Amanda,
    I believe Facebook get more replies because we all go there anyway so being there we see your topics and answer in some fast way. Here we have to came, to read (some aren't great readers, maybe they don't get the time to do so) and an answer here have to be more complete I believe. I don't go on Twitter (I have enough problem trying not to spend to much time on Facebook give me a chance…) I need to save time for my not virtual life hahaha. My job is kind of special I work like a fool 2 weeks a month, during those 2 weeks I can't afford time I have only time for sleep when I am not working, but I do see the topic on Facebook and if something is very important for me I will give it time here. So now you know that sometimes i spend a part of my nights with you girls 😉 But it is always a pleasure to read you and to see that there is two completly crazy girls (and beautiful..) that love my band as much as me. I do have a lot of respect for the time and dedication you two put in that. I remember at first I had problem putting a profile, when I tried to do 2 times a lost all my commentary… Now it works well. I am not affraid of putting my name because I do think what I wrote and there is nothing in it that can have a bad side to my life. On another site close to a part of my profesion I hesitate to do so because you never know how people can interpretate what you said. For instance one day there was an article about the mangas invasion in Europe (I do comic strip) they were saying that those sales were doing bad for Europeans artist. And I wrote saying that receiving mangas in Europe or here in Canada and States is great as long as if our work is received in Asia. Just to tell you, someone almost said that I was a neo-nazi… They completly interpreted my word in the oposite sense. So I can understand that some people maybe not willing to put their names in it. Who knows… maybe it is the director of Sonymusic who wrote some of those. 😉


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