Doesn’t Have to be Serious!

Some days, some weeks, it seems like it is hard to be a fan.  I think that it is even harder to be a Duranie, versus a lot of other fandoms.  This week, obviously, was especially tough with the Olympics announcement and all of the negative criticism from bloggers, media people, etc.  It is amazing to me how much Duranies have to defend their favorite band, their idols, their fandom.  What amazes me, sometimes, is how much we have defend ourselves with each other.  Rather than do what I typically do, which is analyze why this is the case, I would prefer today to embrace my fandom and how I express it.  No one will make me feel badly for being a fan, for being a Duranie and for being the type of fan that I am.  Thus, here is a list of the fun aspects of being a Duranie!  I’m sure that the list is no where near complete and I welcome all of you to add to it!!!

Fun Aspects/Expressions/Memories of Being a Fan:

*Hearing a Duran song or album for the first time, especially songs/albums that really resonate with you!  There have been more than one time that I have cried over a song or album and I have seen others do the same!

*Going to buy a Duran album in the store.  Just last weekend I was reminded of buying Astronaut on the day it came out.  I went out to lunch with my mom and a friend.  I was such an excited dork that I put the cd insert on the table showing the picture of all five guys with guitars!

*Seeing a Duran performance or interview on TV.  In most cases, this means planning life around this appearance, making sure to be able to see it live.  Of course, I record the appearance even if I am watching it live!  Must keep it forever!  I still have interviews from the mid-80s on VCR tapes, after all!

*Hearing Duran Duran or Duran Duran references.  Who doesn’t get excited when someone, anyone on TV or on the radio mentions Duran or a member of Duran?  Who doesn’t get excited when you turn on the radio or are in a store and hear Duran?  I do every single time even if it isn’t one of my favorites.  🙂

*Seeing a new picture of a band member or group and *squeeing* over how good he/they look.  I know that there are a lot of fans who are horrified by this.  Here’s the thing.  I can LOVE their music.  I can even be critical about their music and think they look good.  I’m a heterosexual female, after all.  I’m human.  The fact that I think they look good doesn’t make me less of a serious fan.

*Getting through a presale and knowing that you got tickets!  This, of course, is even better if you got decent tickets! 

*Waiting for the concert to start, especially those couple of minutes after the lights go down but before the band comes out.  Those minutes feel like forever and the anticipation is a killer.  Yet, it is all forgotten once the music starts!

*Singing every line, every word of every song played at a concert.  Really, is there anything better than this?

*Laughing at Simon Le Bon’s dancing!  I often just shake my head and laugh at the silly dance moves he tries to do.  I admire his lack of self-consciousness, though.

*Quoting song lyrics to describe moments of life.  Who hasn’t done this with other Duranies?  I think Rhonda and I do it all the time on tour.  It is like having a secret language that only us fans understand!

*Buying  and collecting Duran related merchandise.  I won’t deny, for example, that I have many Duran items around my house.  I’m most proud of the album display in my bedroom as I proudly show off their various albums.

*Learning about Duran Duran.  There is so much to learn about Duran–from the music, to the members to topics and subjects related to them.  It really could be a subject for a class and I would be happy to teach it!!

*Traveling to different places to see Duran shows.  I love all of the places I have gotten to see because of Duran.  My world would definitely be a smaller place without them, literally. 

*Meeting and becoming friends with other Duranies.  The instant connection between fans is great!  It is like we understand each other without even having to say anything.  I think it is cool that I could go anywhere in the world and meet other Duranies!

*Spending time online talking to other fans, seeing pictures or clips and even finding out what the band has been up to! 

*Writing about being a fan both here on this blog and on the book that Rhonda and I are working on.  I love being able to learn about fandom and discussing it!

Obviously, this list is no where near complete!  I’m sure that there are a ton of aspects of being a fan that I’m forgetting about.  I think the best part is that there is more to come!  We have been lucky to have had our fandom around for more than 30 years and there is no end in sight! 


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