Done it again!

Once again, Duran Duran has read my mind.

Or our blogs.

Or they’ve just read some posts from a lot of people.

No matter (and it’s probably better not to overanalyze), the fact is what was once apparently long-lost has been found, and is available for more than a single listen. Remember that Qello premiere of Diamond in the Mind? Remember the commentary that many of us couldn’t figure out how to get working properly?? Remember how it was tough to multitask enough to watch the video, listen to the commentary, squee in delight (Yes, squee.  Not squeal – as only pigs squeal. We squee. Its in the Duranie dictionary.  Look it up.) AND chat back and forth with friends online? Well my friends, we can do it all again. And again and again.  Endless pleasure.  

Yesterday I saw a couple posts that the audio commentary was now available from Eagle Rock, and sometime between then and say…now…I see that John Taylor graciously explained the situation for us. I will gladly post that link, as well as the link to Eagle Rock for anyone and everyone to rush and order.

John’s comments (short!) 

Order from Eagle Rock

As far as I can tell, the commentary is available via digital format, meaning you can download and watch it on your computer. (and excuse my lack of technogeek, but I think you can also watch it on your iPad and various other devices…listen, I’m lucky I can get my iPad to even PLAY music sometimes so forgive me for not being completely in the loop with what is what.)

I know a few people out there are probably already crying and screaming…I already bought the DVD or Blu-Ray and why oh why couldn’t it have just been put on there to begin with…now they’ve got to spend another $4.99 (at least) to hear it and that’s just not fair…so on and so forth.  I hear you.  The band probably hears you too.  I am just guessing here, but I get the feeling that the commentary probably wasn’t something that was done at the same time as the DVD or Blu-Ray.  They might not have ever intended to do one, but at the last minute they put something together for the premiere, and as is typical, we Duranies (as outspoken as some of us tend to be…*cough, cough*) might have mentioned several thousand times that we really wish that we could hear the commentary again….because some of us have a bit of OCD going on as well as ADD and couldn’t grasp it all the first time.  Then the band came to the rescue with this delightful offering, because that’s what they do.

At least, that’s MY story and I’m sticking to it.  As for the money? I hate to say it – but it’s a penny less than five dollars.  Less than many if not most of the albums I buy these days (yes, I BUY my music!), and dangerously close to being less than I pay for a gallon of premium gasoline where I live.  I think it’s worth it.  Besides, the band is talking.  I can buy this thing, download it to my computer, sync it up with my iPad and listen to Simon, John, Roger & Nick talk to me for at least half of my trip from here to Biloxi on Friday morning.  That’s worth WAY more than five dollars, thankyouverymuch.  Sold!!  I’m going to be brutally honest: I don’t think I would have bought the download before, but now that I have the option of getting the commentary with the audio and the video, I’m in and I can’t wait to have two hours to myself in order to watch it and listen in relative peace, and yes – I think everyone out there should do the same.  Daily Duranie (Ok, at least one half) gives this a big thumbs up!

So, I leave in about a half hour to get my hair done – I’m sure everyone needs to know that out there…and I would bet my red streaks that hairstylists all over this country have had many a Duranie visit their shop this week.  I’ve been going around my house humming the tune “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”, and not just because my kids are about to go back to school.  Oh no.  It’s because not only did I get to see the band in December of last year, but I am about to see them again in 2012 for what might be the last time in a while.

Big, heavy sigh.

I know they’ve got to be tired.  I know they’ve got to be nearing complete sickness of the fans. (We get it.  Believe me, we get it.)  I just hope they know how happy we are to see them again. I’ve been doing a bit of a self-retrospective on this album lately and what it has come to mean to me personally as well as to the fan base in general.  The one thing I can say is that it isn’t easy for me to put it all into words.  I feel as though this album is nearly the polar opposite of Red Carpet Massacre in so many ways.  John was right when he said during an interview for that there’s a connectivity between the band and the fans that wasn’t there before even 2 or 3 years ago.  (Maybe more like 4 years ago now – times flies.)  I feel that connectivity, and I know I’m not the only one.  There’s something to be said for putting yourselves out there and allowing there to be a sort of relationship beyond the music. I have to give the band credit, props or what-have-you for that, because it isn’t an easy thing. Social media can be invasive and even uncomfortable.  Even as Daily Duranie, I have had people – lovely, lovely people – find my personal page on Facebook, and then try to figure out who my children are from photos and then contact them. (specifically my oldest because quite frankly the other two aren’t allowed on Facebook.)  My husband has had people contact him, and you know what?  It’s weird.  I’m no celebrity, I’m just a fan.  I can’t imagine what its like for any of them…but I get it.  It takes a lot to put yourself out there in this sort of manner, and while it comes semi-easily for me (I’m outspoken and willing.  Why?  I have no idea – I guess I just see this as a role that needed to be filled, and I love bringing people together?? It’s the one “job” I’ve found that I completely adore. Sometimes it’s like herding cats or children….but I love it all the same.), I have to believe that for the band this isn’t really a second nature thing.  When they play on stage or go into the studio, I believe they go into every show wanting to leave all of it out there – and their best shows/albums occur when that happens.  After that, I would imagine the rest they’d like to keep for themselves.  Trouble is, we fans want it all.  (Damn we’re demanding aren’t we?)  I think it’s been a learning curve for each of them to decide just how much they want to give, and a learning curve for fans as to how much to expect.

Give and take.  The story of our lives, really.

I can’t wait to get on that plane and see them in Biloxi, Atlanta, Durham and Portsmouth.  I really hope that they can see just how welcome they really are in our lives…and how much we all will miss them when they’re back in the studio recording or on hiatus.  It doesn’t matter what the setlist contains (Mediterranea please. I beg. I plead. I’ll even be good during Hungry Like the Wolf and sing along!!), I’m just looking forward to rocking out with my band and creating some fantastic memories to serve me during their absence.


20 thoughts on “Done it again!”

  1. I have a hair appointment tomorrow afternoon! 😉 So excited for the Biloxi show. Wish I could be at the meet-up Friday night but I won't be arriving in Biloxi until Saturday afternoon…

  2. Definitely come see us in line – we'd love to meet! Just look for the short haired girl that appears to be melting along with a girl who is admonishing her to “Suck it up and take it like the Duranie you are, Rhonda!” (that'd be Amanda….) 😀 -R

  3. The download of the show with commentary alone is only $4.50. Best part is once you buy it, you can download it in 3 sizes. I selected the full high quality 2GB size first, but then I was able to also download for free the small version that I could add to my I-Pod so it won't take up so much space on it. I think it was 469MB or something like that. (I might have that number wrong.) There is also a medium size, though I can't imagine why I would need it with the other two. There are also options that include the audio of the show, for those who did not buy the CD and a bundle of the commentary with the separate video download and audio.

  4. Sorry, but I have to comment on the “Squee” portion of this blog. I can't stand the term “squee”. It's a made up word that sounds like something a current preteen girl would say – but not one that grew up in the 80’s. It's also more widely used by a “fangirl” – another term I don't subscribe to. And, the term fangirl is used to describe most people of this current generation who love Twilight and Comics, etc. I just don't feel a connection to those terms and myself being a fan of my favorite band (Duran Duran). Call me old school I guess . . . .

    Lastly, if you look up the word squeal in the dictionary – it does not mention anything about pigs. It's a sound, a noise that people can make, a car can make, etc. You are the one stressing a negative connection between that word and pigs . . . .

    Ok, I said my peace. Just had to get it out there. I understand some will choose to use that “word” but I (and others) will never.

    -Old School Duranie

  5. To each their own….and I am reminded once again that yes, we print all of the comments regardless of our own opinions.

    Sorry, but when I think of the word “squeal”… REGARDLESS of what it says in the dictionary…I think of pigs. My blog…my own opinion. I didn't say I was speaking for the entire fandom on that…and I didn't think I needed to qualify my comments, given that this is in fact just a blog.

    I have to chuckle because I hear fans say the word “squee”…and by “fans” I mean DURAN fans.

    Bottom line is that none of this is a big deal. It comes down to what words we prefer. *shrugs*


  6. Are you really comparing yourself to the members of Duran regarding privacy and social media? I understand your point but don't you think that analogy is a tad askew? I don't think Daily Duranie or any of us fans can relate AT ALL to what they go through since we are not rock stars. Sure, we all have stories about privacy related issues via social media. However, it's absolutely no comparison as to what these guys have been going through and continue to go through for personal and professional reasons. Maybe Daily Duranie needs to put their feet back down on Planet Earth???

  7. I wouldn't have brought this subject up but you were the one who had to point it out and defend it in the first paragraph of your own blog (go re-read it). So, it's funny that now you think it's no big deal. It obviously was something you wanted to make a point of. But, I guess “God Forbid” anyone disagree or bring up a different view point.

    You also make it sound like people should give you applause because you are allowing my comment to be posted. You claim to have an open blog yet you have to point out that “I am reminded once again that yes, we print all of the comments regardless of our own opinion”. Big deal. Is this a burden for you? Maybe Daily Duranie is not as open minded as they claim to be …..

  8. To be fair, I think Old School Duranie has a point since you did make note by stating that the “correct” term is Squee – not squeal. If you are going to make a comment like that, you should expect and welcome other people's views and opinions. Otherwise you come across as dictating how things are and what they should be. Not very becoming for a “fan” blog site.

    -Just Sayin'

  9. All I was saying was that even I as just a fan had people contact my own family. Whatever inferences you're making are purely your own…again, not a big deal and I'm not exactly sure what is driving all of this today.

    Again, it's just a blog.


  10. I think this is pretty much going to be the last of this one…

    nobody needs to be applauding anyone around here, but I've never had so many comments in one day on a single word before. Had no idea that the word “squee” was such a problem.

    Again, I'm saying it's not a big deal, but you seem pretty content on making it one. -R

  11. Old School Duranie-I feel it necessary to respond. I'm sorry Rhonda used a word that bothers you (I use it, too). Yet, it seems to me that your problem with the word is that you don't want Duranies to be thought of in the same way as “preteen girls” or fangirls of things like Twilight and Comics are thought of. This to me seems like you are aware that there is quite a stigma to those fandoms. Our fandom is really no different except that we have been around longer and are older (generally), but we, too, experience stigma. I refuse to allow negative thoughts about fans, fandoms, etc. dictate to me what I should say or how I should be. As a person who has been researching fandoms, I know that we really aren't that different no matter what fascinates us. Thus, instead of trying to separate Duranies from other fans, I choose to embrace them in order to combat the general stigma that we all face.


  12. I'll look for y'all! I'm short with a red bob! I'll have my cousin and Duranie-for-life Kim with me, who is also on the short side, with long blonde curly hair!

  13. Wow Daily Duranie's comment was clearly meant light heartedly and as a fan of many things, I can say with full confidence I know many women of all ages who don't mind considering themselves “fangirls” and who have no trouble admitting to “squee-ing”. The fact is, if those words had been around when we originally became fans, we'd have been using them then too.

    Fans and fandom had not been so deeply studied nor were large numbers of fans in enough contact with each other to develop much of a “language”, except maybe for a few sci fi fandoms(it was all slow fanzines and pen pals in those days and if you were lucky and happened to live in an area with a lot of fans of something, maybe an actual fan club you could attend meetings of), but the actions were certainly the same. While I do think Duran Duran are a more worthwhile fandom because I think the band makes great music and is genuinely talented – the fact is most of bought fan magazines and put pictures on our walls and “squee'd” in delight when our favorite video came on, even if it wasn't called “squeeing” then, I think it's more apt than “squealing”, because from what I've noticed, very rarely does the sound emitted include an “L” sound, it's more like a tight high pitched “heeeee!”, so a combination of the word “squeal” and the actual sound of “heeee!”

    A fangirl is a female fan who is passionate about her fandom in anything–it was around long before Twilight, because when I got online in the late 90's, fangirls already existed. I know “Greek mythology fangirls”, I know “history fangirls”. Of course it's often used in a derogatory fashion, but that's usually by people who would look down on fans of anything because they just don't “get” being a fan, except maybe sports, or by people who are trying to pretend to be above everyone else. “Oh I'm not like THOSE fans, I'm mature and so much better”

    Might pay to learn something about fandom history. Books or articles by Henry Jenkins aren't a bad place to start, he started before the internet became so prevalent and continues up to the present I believe.

    And I don't care what the dictionary says, almost everyone, in common everyday usage, connects “squealing” to pigs – Deliverance anyone, used as a very common pop culture reference “Squeal like a big, boy!”(sorry for that:). Yes it's connected to other things as well but I bet if you had one of those word games, like on the old Family Feud game show, where the host says a word and you're supposed to guess the most popular choice for “the survey” for “squeal” would be “Pig”.

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