Don’t Let Me Die Young

Well, well, the Daily Duranie intern is getting older. Today, it is my birthday and I’ll be hiking the hills around Las Vegas with my fantastic wife since I have the day off. The last year has been as much fun as I can remember as life only gets better with age. Who would have thought that the band I loved in 1983 would still be around or that I’d be writing about them each week.

The Duran community has embraced my enthusiasm and I’ve been lucky enough to get to know many other fans as friends. I don’t think a day passes on Twitter without talking to a few of you. So, thank you for sharing in this music obsession we call Duran Duran. And the biggest thanks to Rhonda and Amanda who kindly allow me to share whatever is percolating in my mind each Wednesday. The world needs more music fans like them.

I leave you with this (currently) empty playlist on Spotify. If you are reading this, it would be incredible to have you add a song to this playlist. It will be the soundtrack to this birthday! I’m starting it off with a little Andy Taylor. Thanks for reading and I hope you can make our online party this Friday. I will be spinning plenty of deep cuts and I’ll try not to repeat any songs from the last show.

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