Doo doo doo doo bee doo (go ahead, guess the song…)

Anybody bored out there yet?  This is the last full week of summer vacation for me, as after the long weekend my son starts high school, and I go back to homeschooling. We’re beginning a new program which is going to be much more demanding (He is going to learn Japanese this year…and no, I am not teaching that…he’s doing it through Rosetta Stone!), and my time is pretty limited.  I have no idea how it’s all going to work, only that I’m going to be doing it.  Good times.  I’m sure a blog or two will be written about the craziness going on here at home along the way.  Last night I had a dream that I was at a Daisy Girl Scout meeting with my youngest and realized I’d left my son at his school with no way to get home. Yes my friends, these are the things I dream about.  No dreams about Duran Duran, no dreams about being on an empty beach somewhere.  Nope, I dream about the things I can screw up on a daily basis.  Fun stuff!

I don’t know how many have noticed, but there is a new Katy Kafe up on DDM.  It is a “bonus” Kafe, because typically there are no Kafe’s in August, but Simon apparently took pity on all of us and stopped by as as surprise. Katy asked him how his summer was, but apparently if you’re Simon LeBon – your summer continues until October!  (Quite obviously many of us out here are in the wrong line of work.) Simon is participating in a sailing regatta in Sardinia next week, and will participate in another one during the month of October (which is when his summer then ends, according to Simon.)  I personally know nothing about sailing or regattas – I only know about power boating, and even then, what I have learned from my own personal boat ownership experience is that BOAT stands for Bring On Another Thousand.  It is true. *takes a bow*  Simon, on the other hand, will be lifting sails, and he explains that they sail from the early morning until afternoon, and then they stop for the day – for a full week of “day” races. Obviously sailing is a passion of Simon’s in a very different way from being in Duran Duran – and that’s because Duran Duran is of course his job – his career – and sailing is something he does in his own free time. I get that, and he’s lucky he has something like that outside of the celebrity/rockstar craziness.

Shocking as it may seem, Simon LeBon did not watch the VMA’s. I know, I know. I can hear the collective gasps from around the world. He said that he wasn’t even interested (fair enough – I took one for the whole team on this, Simon!), and when Katy announced that he missed the reunion of *NSYNC as well as Justin Timberlake receiving the Video Vanguard Award, Simon was about as appalled as I was when I heard that Timbaland would not be working on the next Duran Duran album. (that’s sarcasm there, folks!)  I had to laugh.

There was some discussion over movies and/or television shows that Simon has had the chance to catch up on over the summer.  He liked Silver Lining Playbook (I read the book and didn’t really care for it, so I skipped the movie altogether…but now he’s making me reconsider…), and he says that we should see the French (original) version of Untouchable.  He also mentioned a few British TV shows, but I’ll let you listen to the Kafe yourself to get that info.  I can’t give you EVERY detail here, I’ll have management after me!

I know that you all are waiting on pins and needles for tidbits about the album, and I have to hand it to Katy – she really does try to get a scoop for us, but once again, we were denied.  Simon didn’t give us even a CRUMB that we don’t already know.  They’ve got 8 songs now that they’re working on, with more to go when these are finished. The album sounds different than All You Need is Now, but if we want to know if it’s dance or pop or something else – we need to talk to Roger, because according to Simon, he “can’t tell the difference.”

Simon, you are the lead singer of Duran Duran. You’ve been “in the business” for nearly 35 years at this point (yes, I am counting). You’re telling us that you can’t tell if the album sounds like something you can dance to, or whether it’s more rock/guitar heavy…or if it’s all ballads?  You’d better jump off that sailboat into the ocean because I think your pants might be on fire right now. That’s fine, we’ll wait.  Roger will be coming to the Kafe soon. I’m sure HE will tell us!  (Makes me miss the days of Mr. Taylorleaks on Twitter though….)

In more breaking news: Katy Krassner does not love ice cream OR donuts. Call me crazy, but I would swear I read somewhere at one point that she was a lover of candy – yet these two sweet things are too sweet. Teach me to be like that, Katy. Teach me.

Oh, lastly for those of you beard-watchers out there: Simon is currently sporting a very Spanish-looking (his description) looking goatee. No, I have not seen photos.

I am really ready for this band to start getting serious about getting this album finished though. I keep flipping back through old tour photos, seeing pictures of friends I’ve met along the way – and it’s really time. I need news. The blog needs news. This has been a great creative writing exercise: trying to create a blog each day out of almost nothing for nearly a year, but I’m over it now. Time to get going, Duran Duran. Thankfully, we’ve got the convention coming, and I’m hopeful that will give me enough writing ammunition to keep me going until December, but I could really use some help!

Until next week…



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