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Yesterday, we received a comment on a blog post that was written awhile ago.  While this isn’t surprising, it made me smile.  The comment was on the blog post about setlist reactions and the anonymous poster’s comment was all of the songs that s/he would like to hear on the upcoming tour.  I laughed–not because it is funny to have songs that you want to hear, but because that’s all the comment was!  I smiled because of the hope I have for the future.  A few months ago, I was doubting if the band was ever going to return and now people are thinking about what they want to hear live.  It got me thinking about what I want to hear.  Before I go any further, I want to acknowledge that no tour, no show is ever guaranteed and I will obviously just be glad to get a show at all.  Everything else is secondary. 

The anonymous commenter included both new songs and old songs.  Some of the new songs are songs that I think a lot of us are dying to hear, which included Too Bad You’re So Beautiful, Leopard, Runway Runaway, Mediterranea, Before the Rain and more.  I would love to any or all of these.  I actually keep a list of Duran songs that I have seen performed live.  I think, as of now, I have seen about 60 different songs performed live.  Thus, I would love to hear any of the new stuff that I haven’t heard before in order for this list to grow.  I also want to hear them because I think most of them are truly fabulous pieces of music.  I thought it was interesting that we heard the first part of the album for those spring shows (All You Need Is Now, Blame the Machines, Being Followed, Leave a Light On, Safe and Girl Panic) and was wondering if they would focus on the second half for the next set of shows.  Personally, as far as new songs go that I haven’t heard, I would really like to hear TBYSB, Leopard, Before the Rain, and Runway Runaway.  I would not turn my back if they play other ones but those are my choices unless they wanted to play the entire album.  I would really be down with that, especially if it was in order.  A Duranie can dream, right?!

The anonymous poster also stated some songs that are staples within the setlist that s/he would like to hear.  Some of those included Save a Prayer, Ordinary World and Rio.  I would suspect that some, if not, all of those will be played.  I know that some people will be thrilled with one or all of those choices while others will be begging for something different.  For me, personally, I would love to hear the following usuals:  Planet Earth, Rio, Girls on Film, Wild Boys (I know…Simon’s voice…this is the ideal setlist, silly!), Sunrise, and Notorious.  S/he also stated some songs that they have played more than once but aren’t givens like Is There Something I Should Know, Union of the Snake, Friends of Mine, Careless Memories, the Chauffeur and more.  I’m good with most of those, especially Friends of Mine and Careless Memories.  I would also include Hold Back the Rain, New Religion and Red Carpet Massacre. 

Then, of course, this person chose some songs that haven’t been played in forever or have never been played live, which included things like Land, Tel Aviv and Drug.  I would love to hear Tel Aviv live.  I’m pretty close to having heard all of the first album.  I’m just missing Tel Aviv and Nightboat, if I don’t include To the Shore.  I would be shocked if they pulled out either Land or Drug but stranger things have happened.  Of course, I make no secret that I would LOVE to hear LATE BAR.  I’m sure that has been mentioned a few hundred times on this blog!  Other rarely played or never played songs I would love to hear are Of Crime and Passion, Vertigo, and Secret Oktober. 

All in all, I think this is shaping up to being a complete setlist.  I wonder if that’s how the band does it with some new songs, some favorites, some lesser played favorites and some never or rarely played songs.  To summarize my setlist with this criteria and in no particular order: 
New songs:
2. Leopard
3. Runway Runaway
4. Before the Rain

Previously heard new songs:
5. All You Need Is Now
6. Girl Panic

Frequently played:
7. Planet Earth
8. Rio
9. Girls on Film
10. Wild Boys
11. Notorious
12. Sunrise

Less frequently played:
13. Friends of Mine
14. Careless Memories
15. Hold Back the Rain
16. New Religion
17. Red Carpet Massacre

Rarely or never played:
18.  Late Bar
19. Of Crime and Passion
20. Vertigo
21. Secret Oktober
22. Tel Aviv

I think that is pretty good for a 22 song setlist.  So, people, what is your dream setlist using the following categories and including no more than 22 songs?


15 thoughts on “Dream Setlist”

  1. Id deff have Medazzaland on there as well.
    Late Bar is interesting as it is ripping song with Andys strong guitar 🙂
    Sometimes I think they should do two different sets. One for the mainstream fans and one for the hardcore that want to hear the more less known song

  2. I heard Late Bar played at the Fillmore show in summer of 09. It was a moment i will NEVER forget. I really hope they will include some 'rarely' heard songs on the upcoming tour. It keeps things interesting. Make me smile is at the top of my list.

  3. Great topic! I cannot tell you the number of times I have created my *dream* setlist, and I am happy to say I have seen some of them live. I have heard Late Bar and Secret Oktober live and was floored. It was great to see other fans reacting the same way as me. I think the band must know by now that we (the hardcore fans, if I can use that title) want to hear some rarities. Having said that, when they play live and do not do The Chauffeur, I always wonder what they could have taken off their setlist in order to play that one. I don't think I am alone here. I also really enjoy hearing Friends Of Mine.

    I have seen them once this year, and am going to four more shows in October. I actually do not want to see the setlists from prior shows, I like being surprised. It will be hard to hold back though, and I am sure I will cave in.

    I do have a question that a friend and I are debating about. We are debating on the topic of Mediteranea being played live in the States. I think they won't, because it's a song about the English going on holiday, therefore, not a song targeted for America. But I sure hope they do play it. I'm just so in love with it.

  4. @ladysakai-I was hoping that they would do a setlist for hardcore fans at the fan show in 2007 but it did not happen. That would be cool, if it did one day. 🙂

    @Anonymous #1-I'm sure if I were to ever hear Late Bar live I would never forget it either. *sigh*

    @Anonymous #2-Good for you in not wanting to hear what the setlists are before your show(s)! I wish I was that strong! We will see about Mediterranea, won't we?! 🙂

  5. I agree with AYNIN set list of Leopard, RR, and Before the Rain. It would be tragic not to hear them. I freak out daily to RR in my kitchen. It's time to do it live!

    Sounds depressing, but I would love to hear Michael You've Got a Lot to Answer For. It's hauntingly beautiful and I feel that the song has never gotten recognition, unlike U2's Stuck in a Moment.

    @anonymous, I applaud your willpower on not looking at the setlist. I'll be seeing them only 3 shows into the tour, but I know I'll cave a have a peek.

  6. I'd be pretty much happy with any of their songs from the new album.

    As far as their older stuff goes there are lots of songs I would like to hear. But the one I would really like to hear them perform when they come back to Boston in October is “Union of the Snake”. Don't ask me why but that song has been stuck in my head lately and I can't get it out! I've only heard it live once, back in 1987 (had to check a setlist archive to see what they played).

    Others I would like to hear:

    Rio – they didn't play it at the Foxwoods show in April!

    The Chauffeur – audience in April went nuts when they played it, and my husband whose Duran experience was pretty much limited to what he heard on the radio and had never heard the song, thought it was a cool song and the best song of the night…he got props from me for having good taste!

    Save A Prayer – done to death I know , but still would like to hear it again live.

    New Religion

    Anything off Seven and the Ragged Tiger.

    Come Up and See Me (Make Me Smile) – I don't know if they even perform this song live anymore.

    My husband, who is probably going to be the one that comes with me, would love to hear A View To A Kill, which he says is the best Bond Theme ever (along with Paul McCartney's Live and Let Die).

    I know my list is pretty predictable (with the exception of Come Up And See Me), but hey, that's what I would like to include if given the choice! The interesting thing for me will be ot compare any changes from their set lists back in the spring. I would think that given Simon's recent voice issues, they might change things up a bit in terms of set lists and maybe add in some songs with lower keys and registers to avoid the same thing happening again.


  7. And as an addendum to my last post, I am a total sucker for any ballad type song, i.e., Save a Prayer, Ordinary World, Man Who Stole a Leopard, the Seventh Stranger, etc.

    I really would like to hear OW, so add it to my previous list. There are some lyrics in there that remind me of a particular family member and something he has been going through over the last year. In fact, my husband was the one who pointed it out to me, saying, every time I hear those words I think of so and so and what is going on in his life right now, listen to those lyrics. I saw the song in a whole new light after that.

    At the Foxwoods show Simon sang “Leave a Light On”. My husband had a few comments about how “sappy” it was (typical guy comment), while I was practically swooning in my seat (okay, maybe an exaggeration). But as I told him, it may be sappy, but SLB made every woman in that room feel like he was singing to her and only to her, and that's just fine by me! Wouldn't mind hearing that one again either!


  8. I love this topic. When I'm at work on a boring conference call or at a meeting, instead of doodling I'll pretend the band is playing at the same venue for 3 or 4 shows and do set lists. I'll place it in an era–e.g. they're supporting Astronaut so lots of songs from that album–and see how much I can mix things up with hits and rare stuff etc. Regarding the fall tour, I'm with you–I want to hear the 2nd half of AYNIN, especially Too Bad… and Runway Runaway. I did get to hear Secret Ocktober in '99 thought it was amazing. I think it would be cool to keep Nice in the set but Sunrise has turned into a crowd pleaser and there's probably only room for one cut from Astronaut. Of course as you know from my other posts I love the Warren era stuff but don't expect to hear any of it and that's fine. Actually, I'm now officially as sick of OW as I am of HLTW…would love to hear I don't want your love (the full version, not the one they played on the Astronaut tour). Or how about the air studios version of Tel Aviv? Is that amazing or what? It's so raw and expansive and…I don't know, just not something they would ever come up with today because they over-think and over-program/produce the sh*t out of their songs!!! Anyway, that or Sound of Thunder would be cool but is probably unrealistic…thanks for the great topic! –Chris

  9. @Toni-Interesting choice in Michael, You've… I wonder if it is just too dang emotional for Simon?

    @Susan-It is okay if your dream setlist is “predictable”. You are right, though, the set lists will be interesting considering Simon's vocals problems.

    @Chris-IDWYL is an interesting choice. Did you get a chance to see them when they were playing the electro set? Another version there, which I enjoyed. I also had the good fortune of seeing them do Sound of Thunder during the summer of '05. I love your idea of Tel Aviv, the Air Studios demo. That would be sweet!


  10. I have been a fan since 1982 growing up in Atlanta. For a setlist, my favorites are of the following — please don't play The Reflex in Tampa, where I will be dancing in the aisles!!! PLEASE!!! It is just so worn out. Any (or most?) of these and I will be so happy:

    Too Bad You're So Beautiful
    Blame the Machines
    New Moon on Monday
    Of Crime and Passion
    Union of the Snake
    Is There Something I should Know
    Electric Barbarella
    Sound of Thunder
    Friends of Mine
    Too Much Information
    Ordinary World
    Come Undone
    Out of My Mind
    Skin Trade
    So Misled
    Someone Else Not Me
    Hallucinating Elvis
    Last Day on Earth
    The Chauffeur

  11. my setlist would be:

    my own way
    is there something i should know (instrumental)
    i believe (all i need to know)
    too bad you're so beautiful
    my own way (instrumental)
    ealy summer nerves

  12. whoops I left off some that I'd love to hear:
    Being Followed
    Before the Rain
    Hold Back the Rain
    New Religion
    Runway Runaway
    Girl Panic
    Violence of Summer
    Nite Runner would be OK, along with some other RCM stuff
    — ok I admit I will be happy with any of their songs, except The Reflex. Can't wait till Oct 10! I saw them at Lakewood in Atlanta in 1993 and Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater in 2000/2001, now I am interested to hear Dom and hopefully they turn us on to the new stuff that I have listened to over and over since I bought the deluxe package in March.

  13. Just got back from the Tampa Bay concert and… guess what… they played “Leopard”!! HA it was a fantastic concert that I danced all the way thru of course, and I do believe the guys in the band were impressed with the crowd's enthusiasm. I was lucky enough to be at the end of the row on an aisle and near an exit floodlight which I made the most of with some shadowdancing LOL!! – I totally enjoyed my freedom of spirit when there were initially a lot of timid people around who got into it after the shock of “Blame the Machines” which I think I was the only person dancing to it…one girl we talked to didn't even know they have a new album out!! I think I had the hole top half of the theater dancing (no, I know it was the music). A great show that my partner loved too, and he is not as big a fan as me. Dom was awesome and I gotta say I have never missed Andy Taylor anyway, he never impressed me much anyway, and it seems as though Dom is close to a Cucurullo. Simon's voice was fantastic. A great time.
    — Don in St Pete

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