Only in Dreams: Fan Wishes for 40th Anniversary

This week, I had a visit from my friend, Nat.  One thing became glaringly obvious within 15 minutes of her arrival is how good it is to be around a fellow Duranie.  She just gets it and knows I get it, too.  Over the course of her visit, we spent quite a bit of time speculating, brainstorming, pondering what Duran Duran and their management could do for the band’s upcoming 40th anniversary.  Of course, we acknowledged that there are already ideas out there.  Some of them we liked more or less while we created our own list (that we should have written down).  In general, it seems to me that all of these ideas could be put into a few different categories.

Before I dive into those categories, let’s take a look at what the band (mostly John Taylor) has hinted at.  First, John made some comments in the June Katy Kafe.  Rhonda blogged about some of the highlights, which you can read here.  The ideas mentioned included:

  • Going back into the studio
  • Working with some unreleased material such as Reportage

Later, John spoke to the press in Hawaii in this article here and included these ideas:

  • 40 events or happenings
  • Could include the return of Andy

I’m going to write about my feelings about these ideas more on Sunday.

So, beyond these possible ideas (please note–from everything I can tell these are just ideas and nothing sounded definite to me), what could fans want to have happen?

Unreleased Material:

Obviously, a lot of fans would love for the band to release Reportage, the album written and recorded after Astronaut and featured Andy Taylor that was shelved.  Red Carpet Massacre was released instead.  Beyond that album, the band also has countless demos that could be released, some of which we know of and probably many more than we do not know.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the band had remixes as well as original songs that never seen the light of day.  Beyond the music that the band has not released and could, I’m sure that there is plenty of video, too.  For example, I remember hearing something about a documentary called “Drama Americana” about the US Astronaut Tour of 2005.  So, let me ask you fans.  Would you want the band to release material that has not been released before?  If so, what, specifically, would you hope for?

Re-released Material:

I know that some fans roll their eyes to having material re-released or re-mastered.  Not that long ago, there were re-mastered editions of the first five albums, but the rest, starting at Liberty, never got that treatment.  Should albums be re-released on vinyl?  What about singles and 12 inch remixes?  What about putting a package of vinyl records together?  Do you think the band should re-release material?  If so, what and in what format?


Perhaps, some fans would like to have some special merchandise.  I’m sure we can all think of what would make cool Duran Duran merch.  After seeing the popularity of those guitar string bracelets, what about jewelry?  What about a special t-shirt to commemorate the anniversary?  Photo book over the years?  Duran Duran bobble heads?  A special DVD created to celebrate some fabulous moments over their career?  Maybe a DVD with interviews of current and/or former band members talking about their memories?  I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of fans would like something with band members’ signatures.  Maybe a limited edition signed print?  The options here seem limitless.  What items/merch do you think the band should do, if any?

In-Person Experiences:

Obviously, some fans will really want the band to perform.  If so, should it be a regular tour?  Should it be a tour only in a few select locations?  Should it include a residency or a few of them?  Should the shows include a setlist that represents the band’s entire career?  Should the fans have a say in the set list?

What about the idea of a fan show with just members of DuranDuranMusic?  Yes, I know they have done that before and without much success.  What about a few of them done in various places around the world?  What about streaming a live show for people not able to be present?

Should there be other events that are not concerts?  I, for one, have loved the screenings of their DVDs I have attended.  Should the band do more of those?  They do have a number of DVDs that they could show in movie theaters.  How cool would it be to see Sing Blue Silver on the big screen, for example?

I am well-aware that I have listed a ton of ideas and I’m sure that there are countless more than you all could come up with.  So, I’m openly up the discussion.  What would you love to see the band do for their 40th anniversary?  If you could design the celebration, what would you do?


One thought on “Only in Dreams: Fan Wishes for 40th Anniversary”

  1. I thought a lot about it in these days, while off on my summer break first leg. Also, I heard other peeps in my circle and my wishes can be summed up like the following:
    1) NO Andy in. We have news he recorded new music and very soon he is going to share it. I love him very much as I already mentioned here before, but I understand it is not the right moment to have him in again. I am heart-broken for admitting it, but let’s not make him spoil the party!
    2) release of unrelased material, but NOT Reportage, as you have to deal with Andy and Sony.
    3) A better set list for new concerts.

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