Duran Duran and Lindsay Lohan?

Not sure about everyone else in the world, but I really was not ready to be greeted by the sight of a photo of Duran Duran and Lindsay Lohan this morning.  Moreover, I was definitely not ready to deal with the speculation that somehow because that photo exists – Lindsay must be singing in the studio with the band for #DD14.

Duran Duran Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan – Instagram

So that’s my Monday so far.  How’s yours?

Let me be clear (and fair).  I don’t care about Ali Lohan (Lindsay’s sister and the other female in the photo on the far right). She is entitled to her own career, and I wish her well. If out of the 3 or 4 billion people that are on the planet – it was HER voice that they needed for this album to make it perfect – then you know, great. I think it’s rather unfortunate that her sister’s reputation will continue to follow her, but those are the breaks. On the other hand, I don’t know that I care that much about Lindsay Lohan either. I think her relevance to the world is way overstated, but apparently she still has fans that grab on to her every word.  You can’t argue that she’s got 2.4 million followers on Instagram and another 8.64 million on Twitter…where she made sure to mention that she was “recording with some greats”.  Those greats being of course, Duran Duran. Duran Duran and Lindsay Lohan. Good Lord.

Speculation is a funny thing.  It was my understanding over the weekend that it was only Ali, or Aliana as she goes by now professionally, that would be working with the band, but then this photo comes out and yes, the internet seems to have grabbed onto the idea that Lindsay didn’t learn enough from her debut that no – singing probably isn’t a proper career choice for her, and that maybe she’s really singing with Duran Duran.  She even made sure to repost a photo of her album, Speak on Instagram…as though she was spending serious time contemplating her past and getting her followers excited by the prospects of another album. (If I were her, I would be looking at my past and trying to remember where it all went ass over teakettle so I wouldn’t do it again, but again – that’s just me.)  So the run down as I know it stands at: Mr. Hudson, John Frusciante, Nile Rodgers, Mark Ronson, then of course Spike Stent and whomever else worked on the engineering, production and mixing…and maybe Aliana and Lindsay Lohan. Talk about an all-star cast.  You’d almost think they were looking for a hit.

I won’t lie, when I saw the picture of Duran Duran and Lindsay Lohan this morning (that was originally taken for Linsday and posted on her Instagram), I balked. I recoiled a bit. I even posted on Duran Duran’s Facebook status (where even DDHQ said they were surprised by this one) that I thought it was gross. I did, however, go back and delete my comment because I realized that posting something unkind on the band’s Facebook post did nothing but insult the post. The band doesn’t care, and I really don’t blame them. It’s probably fair to say I’m not the only fan out there that was a little disgusted by the idea of Duran Duran and Lindsay Lohan being in the studio together, judging from the comments I saw – but still others were ever supportive of the band’s choices as always, saying that Lindsay deserved another chance and that of course she thinks it’s cool to hang with Duran Duran because they’re the best. In all fairness, it hasn’t been confirmed, denied or even mentioned by DDHQ whether or not Lindsay Lohan was just visiting or if she was truly recording, and I still suspect it’s only her sister that was doing any vocals, and maybe Lindsay herself was capitalizing on some possible press by posting the Instagram photo and commenting on being in the studio.

I think one person summed it up best on Duran Duran’s Facebook though, by simply saying “Oh no” as their comment on the photo with Duran Duran and Lindsay Lohan.  My feelings exactly.



11 thoughts on “Duran Duran and Lindsay Lohan?”

  1. I don’t know enough about Lindsay Lohan’s abilities as a singer know what to think about this if she is in fact singing with them. Or her sister.
    I would have to presume that if (big if) the band is using her and/or her sister in some capacity, a) she and sis have some ability and b) the band knows what they are doing. It’s also very possible that they two of them for some wholly unrelated reason stopped by the studio and that’s how the picture ended up being taken and they aren’t involved in the new album.

    However, if her posting a photo on Instagram,Twitter or whatever social media perhaps gets a different demographic interested in the band, then that might possibly be a good thing.

    1. I want to clarify that I have no idea if she is truly recording with the band or taking advantage of a situation where her sister was working with them…simply in the same studio building with the band…or what-have-you, although the ‘net is abuzz with all sorts of assumptions. I just know about the photo and commented like any fan might. 😉 I’ll let the rest of you figure it out.

      1. Per today’s Daily Mirror:

        “However, those hoping for a return to Lindsay’s popstar days will be sorely disappointed as the starlet does not sing on the track.

        The insider explained: ‘Lindsay’s contribution is more of a spoken word part, while Ali is singing on the track – the sisters will feature on the same song which they thought was really cool.”

        Like I said, no idea what she sounds like as a singer, but if it is anything like the comments on the band’s FB page I read indicated, then I am sure this comes as welcome news to many fans!” 😉

    1. I really only knew because I had stumbled across something over the weekend that Lindsay herself had said about how her sister was currently working with both Adam Lambert and Duran Duran, and when I saw the photo, I quickly googled her sister and saw that yes, it was the same person. 🙂 -R

      1. I believe it is only her sister who recorded with Duran Duran. Her sister has no bad reputation by the way, her character seems the opposite of Lindsay. For an idea of what she sounds like, she sings very briefly on her youtube channel, Aliana Lohan, Singin a Tune, a line of Christina Aguilera’s Beautiful and her voice sounds soulful and like it has a lot of potential. She recorded this in 2013. Another recordings she did was the Christmas album when she was a child and is not good.

  2. As a European fan I don’t really know who Lindsay is, but by the tone of your post and comments elsewhere I gather a lot of people don’t like her at all… I just wonder why. Would you care to explain why you don’t like her?

    1. Carol, my advice would be to google her. She’s one of those celebrities who is a celebrity purely because she’s gotten herself into quite a bit of trouble here in the states (drugs, alcohol, her mental state, etc.). -R

  3. I already googled her, listened to one of her tracks and I liked her voice and singing style. And I don’t think having problems with drugs is a reason not to like her (John Taylor…). But anyway, just wanted to know why *you* don’t like her! but you didn’t answer…

    1. Seems to me that Lindsay is more of a celebrity due to the trouble she’s gotten herself into more than anything else. It’s not about whether or not I like her – it’s about why the band would want her on the album, really. -R

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