Duran Duran Announces Lollapalooza X3!

Who wants to go see Duran Duran in late March/early April???  I know, I know – EVERYONE!  Of course, there’s a catch. Four of them, actually.  (Strange coincidence, I am sure.) The first is, the shows are in South America. The second, third, and fourth catches are that the shows are festivals, as in, they are performing at three Lollapalooza festivals in Brazil, Argentina and Chile.

Our South American friends are wildly rejoicing and celebrating, as they should. It is not that often that Duran Duran comes to visit! I also see though, that some are disappointed that at least for the moment, only festivals are being announced. I can certainly understand why, and I’ve seen the outcry for dedicated shows.

The fact of the matter is though, no matter how much loyal fans despise the idea of festivals—they draw a crowd. The band will play in front of many more people who way, and getting their music into the ears as many potentially new fans as possible is the name of the game. That is a bitter pill for longtime fans to swallow, I know.

Something gets lost in the translation when you’re needing to camp out just to grab a spot near the stage, and you have to stand through ten other bands before your favorite takes the stage.  Many of us have reached the mid-40’s now, and our knees are not what they used to be.  In fairness, had our US tour been all festivals I would have curled up in the fetal position and died. I could barely do the shows WITH seats!  In this case, they are moving quickly through Brazil, to Argentina and on to Chile. In order to see the band three times, a fan will need to be willing to travel and not spend a lot of time lingering in any one place – and one had better enjoy festivals.   I wish you all well.

I do have the show lineups should anyone be interested and potentially enticed into traveling to South America.  Me?  Oh heck no, I’ll be here at home, working off my debts from the last tour!



lollapalooza-argentina  lollapalooza-chile



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