Duran Duran at Dell World 2014

Austin is getting the Duran Duran love lately, aren’t they?  Just to note – if I hear of even ONE Duranie from Texas complain about the band not playing near them, I will cheerfully remind you of the time they’re spending in your glorious state this Autumn.

This love has now spread to Dell World, which is November 4-6. If you are keeping track, this means that they’ll be in Austin on November 1st for the ACL/Formula-One gig, and then they’re playing Dell World on November 4th for their opening event where they will headline along with Weezer. Neither event is for the faint of pocketbook – if you’re planning on going to Dell World and don’t have an “in”, you’re gonna pay $895 for the entire convention…but if you register now, you can bring a “colleague” for free.  (I believe in our case, fellow Duranies are absolutely colleagues!)

Daily Duranie will not be in attendance for any of these shows this November. Personally I can’t justify the cost, nor the time spent in travel. I know Amanda feels similar. We both feel it’s a ridiculous sum of money to spend to see the band at this particular point in our lives. Nothing personal, but we’d rather wait for a real tour and do a road trip with all the trimmings and experience new music if at all possible. I know other Duranies are happily throwing their money at Dell and counting their blessings at being able to go to both the F-1 event AND Dell World in a single week. I applaud their efforts, but my cash is staying in my bank account.

Granted, the rest of the world has taken notice of these upcoming shows, and I’d have to be blind not to see the rather pointed comments coming from all directions other than Texas. Fair enough. It is true, the band apparently likes Austin.  I wish I knew what to say to make the sting lessen, but all I’m coming up with for now is that they say there will be a tour…..at some point.



8 thoughts on “Duran Duran at Dell World 2014”

  1. I know what to say regarding their current attachment to Austin…it’s where the money is. This isn’t a tour, they aren’t ignoring the fans, they are working. And, I’m sure they are doing this type of work so they can finish the album & get back out on the road to present their new stuff to us. Thanks to social media, we are far more aware of these types of events. The fact that some of these events are open to the public at an exorbitant rate, are what make these seem different than a standard corporate gig. Can’t get mad at the band for the ticket price, they don’t set any of that.

    1. I think it’s probably just coincidence that it’s Austin, and while I’m not going to apologize for saying that they are going to be there a lot this Autumn (facts are facts), I really don’t think it’s anything but coincidence. The Dell show is a corporate gig, and the price of that event is for the entire convention, not JUST the show. Pricey? Yeah, if you’re just planning to see Duran Duran. If you’re going to the convention for the sake of going to the convention though – according to my lovely husband, who up until recently attended events like this for work, this is the going rate.

      What’s pricey for me, and keep in mind this is MY blog and MY opinion, may not be pricey for you. I was only commenting on what *I* was planning to do, or not do. Whatever others do is really up to them. -R

      1. Trust, these tickets are beyond my comfort level price range. If Duran attempted to charge this much for a single show, guess who either will be in the nosebleed section crying, or not attending at all. Happy for those who can attend these things. Hopefully some of them work for a company that will cover the cost.

  2. They sure HAVE been here a lot! Couple weeks ago they played a private event in Austin too. Not that anyone but the people throwing that little shindig knew about it until after it was over though.

    I get the frustration that they are spending so much time here. And I consider myself SUPER super lucky to be able to go to the F1 show despite the price tag. There is no way I can afford to go to both the F1 and Dell shows though.

    There is a special kind of torture/frustration that comes with knowing they are playing in the town you live in and you still cant go to it. So close….yet so far

    Same thing happened when they played SXSW a few years ago. Badges to SXSW cost 500 – 1500 bucks and all the badges do is allow you to wait in line to see a show you want. Its NOT an actual ticket to the show. So you could drop 500 or more dollars, wait in line and still not get into the show because the venue filled up. (and the big shows fill up really quickly with the more expensive badges getting preference) I know a lot of people that had badges and still couldnt get in. They ended up having to listen to the show over a fence. Talk about frustrating….. (And Duran did NOT come back to Austin for the rest of the AYNIN tour btw)

    So while it does look like we got it made down here in Austin…keep in mind it is not without its frustrations and extremely steep price tags.

    You are much better off waiting for the regular tour.

  3. Totally agree with you when you see the amount you can count how many show you could go for the next tour like I said I prefer to wait a while and see the band with new songs… of course I understand people who wants to go there….

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