What Duran Duran Fans Appreciate: Part 2

How did you celebrate Duran Duran Appreciation Day this year?  We have been celebrating since mid-July when we asked people various questions about their opinions about Duran Duran.  Since we are not ready to let DD Appreciation Day go, we thought it would be fun to discuss the results.  Yesterday, we tackled the first ten questions and looked at people’s answers.  Today, I will summarize what Duran Duran fans said about the next ten.

Video You Forget About but Love:

First of all, some people wondered what we meant by this question.  We realize that it is impossible to forget about any Duran video but there are some videos that immediately come to mind.  The goal was to have people think beyond those ones to the rest of Duran’s videos.  There were a lot of videos given as answers, including Lonely in Your Nightmare, Do You Believe in Shame, and Out of my Mind.  The most popular choice matched mine with Night Boat.

Rhonda had a great choice in Falling Down:

Favorite DVD:

This question went similarly to favorite side project in that one answer dominated.  Beyond that big winner, some popular answers were Live from London, Three to Get Ready and Arena.  The top response, though, not surprisingly was Sing Blue Silver.

While we love Sing Blue Silver, we chose A Diamond in the Mind as we adore their live performances.

Favorite Possession:

This question was tough to record the responses as many of them were so personal.  What I did then was to put responses into large categories.  A lot of fans mentioned things like drumsticks or guitar picks.  Others mentions specific t-shirts, books or vinyl records.  Many people shared stories or pictures about meeting the band.  The most common response was having something autographed.  Rhonda’s response was her memories, which many others mentioned as well.  I chose a book that I put together with my sister, an oral historian, about the first 10 years of touring with Rhonda.

Front cover of my gift
This is the front cover

Least Favorite Song to Hear Live:

To clarify, the song that is your least favorite to hear live does not mean that you don’t like it.  It means that you like others more.  Likewise, it doesn’t make you a “bad fan” if you like some songs more than others.  Anyways, there were 31 different songs given as a response to this question.  Some of the most popular were White Lines, Danceophobia, and Save a Prayer.  The most popular answer was Hungry Like the Wolf.

Rhonda chose another standard in the set list:  A View to a Kill

My answer is one that I have stated many times before:  Come Undone.

Favorite Song Never Heard Live:

This question resulted in the most number of responses!  68 different songs were given as answers.  Some songs were obviously given multiple times including Last Chance on the Stairway, Secret Oktober and the Seventh Stranger.  The most popular answer:  Hold Back the Rain.  Based on this and the audience’s response to this song during the summer, I recommend that they keep playing it.

Rhonda and I chose Late Bar.  If the band wants to bust that out, we would be pretty dang excited!

Most Recent Concert:

I found the responses to this question to be very interesting.  I suspect that the answers show a lot about who reads and participates in our surveys.  A lot of people chose 2015 and 2016.  Some said 2012 or 2008, but the majority of the people stated that their most recent concert was in 2017.  Our answer was the same.

First Concert:

I loved reading the range of responses for this question as they ranged from 1980 to 2017.  A lot of people said 2005 or 1984.  The most common response was 1987.

Rhonda’s first concert was in 1989.

I saw my first Duran concert in 1993.

Favorite B-Side/Bonus Track:

There were 22 different answers for this question, which is more than I expected.  They varied throughout Duran’s career from the first b-side to bonus tracks from Paper Gods.  Some common answers were Khanada, Like an Angel, I Believe/All I Need to Know, Late Bar and Planet Roaring. The most common response matched our answer:  Secret Oktober.

Least Favorite Video:

Again, many different videos were given as answers.  Some of the most common were Last Night in the City, I Don’t Want Your Love, Girls on Film and more.  The most common choice was my answer in Electric Barbarella.

Rhonda’s choice was also a frequent answer:  All She Wants Is.

Least Favorite Album:

Many people pointed out that even on one’s least favorite album, there are still songs that are really liked.  This is a fair point.  Some albums were not mentioned at all.  Others were mentioned a lot like Medazzaland, Liberty, Thank You, and Red Carpet Massacre.  The most popular response as well as our answer was Pop Trash.

Did anything surprise you in the responses to questions 11-20?  Tomorrow, I’ll finish sharing the results for the last 10 questions.


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