What Duran Duran Fans Appreciate: Part 3

Today, we finish our celebration of Duran Duran Appreciation Day by looking at the responses Duranies had for the last 10 questions of our month long “challenge”.  This challenge was designed to be fun with fans answering a question that was posed each day.  Thankfully, we had tons of participants so it was especially fun!  Now, onto the results:

Favorite Band Member:

I won’t lie.  There is a part of me that is always interested to see what the response to this question is going to be.  It seems to me that some fans have stuck with the favorite that they have had since they were kids.  Others change over time.  Almost every band member got chosen as a favorite with the exceptions of Warren and Sterling.  Andy and Dom were chosen as favorite band members.  The most popular member, according to our survey, matched my choice:  John Taylor!

Rhonda’s favorite, of course, is Dom Brown!

Favorite Picture of Favorite Band Member:

I expected this question to be tough.  It is super hard to pick a favorite picture!  I know!  Lots of people sent fabulous photos that I enjoyed looking at.  For me, I chose this picture:

Rhonda chose this one!

Favorite Album:

Again, I think this question is tough, too!  For me, I just pick the album based on the overall feel of it.  I try hard not to think about all of the individual songs or else I am unable to decide.  12 different albums were given as answers.  Some more popular ones were All You Need Is Now, Paper Gods, and Seven and the Ragged Tiger.  The most popular answer was, indeed, Rio.

Rhonda and I chose the first album.  Sometimes, I think we need a brain separation!

Favorite Show of the Paper Gods Tour (or one wished you could attend!):

This question had almost 60 responses.  The cool part of this question was how often people shared why the show was their favorite.  Some shows were mentioned by multiple people, including the Chicago shows, Birmingham, San Francisco, Hollywood Bowl, Massachusetts, and Atlanta.  The most popular show was the one at Red Rocks in Colorado.

Our favorite show was at Agua Caliente on March 18, 2017.

Song That Should Not Have Made It to an Album:

40 different songs were given as answers!  I just love how varied our fan community is as many of the songs mentioned are ones that others love.  Some songs mentioned frequently were Bedroom Toys, Shotgun, 911 Is a Joke, and Electric Barbarella.  The most popular answer, though, was Hothead.

Rhonda’s pick was a recent one with Danceophobia:

I chose Zoom In as no song should ever be written about Second Life.

Favorite Demo:

10 different demos were given as answers to this one.  I thought it was cool that A Matter of Fact was given as an answer by so many.  If you don’t know it, here it is:

The most popular choice, though, was Beautiful Colours:

Rhonda and I chose Salt in the Rainbow.  (Yes, we had the same answer.  Again.  The world should be afraid.)

Most Underrated Song:

This question resulted in a lot of different answers as well.  In fact, there were 52 songs that were given as answers!  Some popular answers were Nice, Someone Else Not Me, The Man Who Stole a Leopard, and Serious.  A lot of people thought Do You Believe in Shame was the most underrated Duran song.

I picked Before the Rain.

I liked Rhonda’s pick, too, which was Red Carpet Massacre.

The Song That Should Have Been a Single:

This question got a lot of responses, too.  Frequent answers included Last Chance on the Stairway, New Religion, The Man Who Stole a Leopard and more.  The most popular answer was mine, too, in Hold Back the Rain.

Rhonda picked the song, Virus.

Favorite Video:

I swear almost all Duran’s videos were given as responses.  A lot of people like Planet Earth, The Reflex, Wild Boys, Night Boat and Girls on Film.  Save a Prayer was this year’s favorite.

Rhonda chose Is There Something I Should Know

My favorite is New Moon on Monday!

Favorite Song:

We finished up the challenge by asking about people’s favorite song. Again, there were a ton of answers to this.  Some popular ones were Save a Prayer, Careless Memories, Ordinary World and lots more.  While Save a Prayer took the most votes, New Religion was mentioned by a lot of people.

Rhonda likes the great Is There Something I Should Know!

My favorite, which I believe is known by many, is Planet Earth.  (A great song live!)

That’s it.  On that note, we close the book on this year’s Duran Duran Appreciation Day.  We want to thank each person who participated, whether s/he/they gave one answer or all 30.  I know that we had fun and we hope that you did, too.


One thought on “What Duran Duran Fans Appreciate: Part 3”

  1. I am not going to say the “whys” of my picks, as I did then day by day in my tweets.
    And no comment on the others’ picks, as everyone has their own taste. .
    Amazing job ladies!

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