Duran Duran History – Arena

The Arena album makes Duran Duran history today by climbing all the way to #4 on US charts on this day in 1984. 1984 wasn’t a bad time to be a Duranie: from MTV to radio, magazines to board games, it seemed like the band was everywhere, and in many ways fans were spoiled into believing it would always be that way. There was little (if any) down time for the band during this period and it seemed that nothing but good times lay ahead. Little did fans realize that with the end of 1984 also came the veritable end of the band’s initial heyday…at least as far as chart success, and the general public was able to gauge.



One thought on “Duran Duran History – Arena”

  1. When the album topped, I can remember the excitement for it: this time I was a little more into the band, but still not decided who my fave member was.
    To notice that, after a few days from the album release I was already into the circle, so to speak: loving music in your teens is different than loving music when you are wiser.
    Anyway, I can remember I was hopping like a frog when I heard the charts!

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