Duran Duran History – Birmingham 1982

Today’s Duran Duran history is a tour date towards the end of the Rio Tour.  This particular date took place in 1982 at the Birmingham Odeon in Birmingham, England.  They played this venue a number of times in their career, including multiple shows during the Rio tour.

Was anyone at this show?  Since Birmingham is the band’s hometown, I always wonder what the shows there were like, including this one.  I know that when I saw the band play in Birmingham in 2011, the home town show wasn’t the best.  Don’t get me wrong.  It was a good show but it wasn’t as fabulous as Brighton or Glasgow, in my opinion.  Then, I wonder.  Did I build up this show so much that it would never meet my expectations?  Could the band be so anxious that they can’t play their best?  What do those of you who have seen the band a number of times in their hometown think?  Are their home shows better, worse or equal to their other shows in the UK?  If they aren’t as good, why do you think that is?



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