Duran Duran History – John Taylor Signing

Today’s Duran Duran history takes us back to 2012 when John Taylor had a book signing event at Waterstones in Brighton, England.  Obviously, this was a promotional event for his autobiography, In the Pleasure Groove.  As someone who was lucky enough to go to one of these book signings, they were a real treat.  While I thought it was cool enough to hear John read from his book on the audio version of it, it was super cool to see/hear him read it in person.

If you haven’t read the book, I cannot recommend it enough.  Then, dive into our blog posts about it.  The first one is here.

While I couldn’t find a video clip of him reading in Brighton, I did find one from Bath:


6 thoughts on “Duran Duran History – John Taylor Signing”

    1. I did actually see a couple of videos of the signing but I didn’t want to include those. I figured that a reading would be more interesting. Thanks for the info on the lack of reading. -A

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