Duran Duran History – Lay Lady Lay

Duran Duran history for December 30th takes us back to just prior to the release of Thank You.  On this date in 1994, John Taylor reports that the release of Thank You was being held up by the record company because of Lay Lady Lay.  This song was released as a single only in Italy (Capitol released “White Lines” as the first single in the US, and EMI in the rest of the world released “Perfect Day” as the first single – and both territories used the other song as the second), but in researching this topic, it is also clear that the song was a favorite of the band.  Nick Rhodes comments that the would have liked to have this song released as a second single, although he did appreciate “Perfect Day”.

What say you – would “Lay Lady Lay” have made a better follow-up single? Hindsight being 20/20 and all…


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