Duran Duran History – From Mediterranea

From Mediterranea With Love Cover

Duran Duran history for today takes us all on a little whirlwind vacation away from the holiday madness to Mediterranea.  On this date in 2010, Duran Duran released a special FREE iTunes “one-day download only” entitled From Mediterranea With Love. This 3-Track EP was release only for several European countries, and included Mediterranea, (Reach Up For The) Sunrise (live), and Ordinary World (live).

Not that I’m complaining, but apparently the rest of the world did not get love that Christmas. We must have been naughty.  😀 (Let’s face it, I probably was!)  -R


3 thoughts on “Duran Duran History – From Mediterranea”

  1. I honestly do not even remember what I had to do to get those two live tracks. I am sure they must have been shared by a friend, but it was the band’s own fault I did not pay for them. It would not let me buy them.

  2. I am Italian and was very glad for the love received. I remember I wanted to keep this download only until March when the physical CD was released and that’s what I did: I didn’t hear the album up to March 2011.
    In support of the rest of the world’s disappointment, I can add is with this kind of decisions that recently the guys often spoil their reputation.

  3. I thought it was a horrible decision to only release that EP to Europe – but let’s be fair: I’m American and couldn’t buy it here. I don’t know the reasoning behind the (business) decision – so it is difficult for me to understand. I did somehow get my hands on a copy, and I’m forever grateful to the soul who sent it, full-well knowing he was breaking the rules by doing so. 🙂 -R

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