Duran Duran History: Orlando 2001 and More

On this date in 2001, Duran Duran played at the House of Blues in Orlando.  This show was part of the Up Close and Personal Tour.  Were any of you lucky enough to attend this show?  I was not there.  In fact, I did not attend any show during that tour.  During 2001, I was a bit busy as I was teaching full time and attending graduate school.  This makes me think about a couple of little mental games I like to play with my history students.

What If?

Thinking about that tour, I wonder what my life would have been like if I had attended that tour.  Would I have had amazing, life altering experiences?  What would my fandom be like now?  Would I still be a fan today or would I have gotten it all out of my system?  Of course, like my students, I cannot properly answer the question without thinking of context.  If I attended this tour, does that mean that I would have been active in the fandom?  Would I have met Rhonda earlier than I did?  Someone else?  Would my Duranie friendship group be a lot different?  If I had to guess, I suspect that I might have known and had some friends within the fandom but I doubt any of those friendships would have been like the one I share with Rhonda. (I know what many of you are thinking…thank goodness!  The world could not handle another blog like this!  Certainly, vodka suppliers are relieved that there isn’t another friendship like ours!)  If that’s the case, then I bet I wouldn’t have had as much fun.  Therefore, I doubt that my fandom would be like it is today.

What Tour?

Another question I like to ask my students is about which era they wish they could have lived through.  So, I apply this question to my fandom.  Which tour that I did not see do I wish it did?  Would it be the Up Close and Personal Tour?  I know that this tour allowed the fans to get pretty close to the band and included a lot of small venues.  All that sounds great to me…but John Taylor was not part of the band.  So, I might not choose this tour.

What about a tour like the Sing Blue Silver Tour of 1984?  I was too young to attend and this, of course, was at the heart of Duran’s popularity.  If I attended that tour, would I be able to fan out in a way that I don’t now?  For example, would I scream myself to losing my voice?  Would I faint over a look or a glance my way?  What would it have been like to be around that level of fan hysteria?  Would I have loved it?  Found it fascinating?  Wanted to run from it?  I’m not sure.  So, I don’t think I would have chosen that tour.

Honestly, if I had to pick one, I might go to the first US tour.  I would have loved to have seen some of those early days.  Right now, the band is at the top of their game when it comes to live shows.  I would have love to have seen them then.  What were those live shows really like?  How did the crowds react?  Did they get what they were witnessing and how huge the band was going to get?

What about the rest of you?  What tour do you wish that you attended and why?


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