Duran Duran History: Ottawa 1984

On this date in Duran Duran history in 1984, the band played at the Civic Center in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  This show was part of the Sing Blue Silver Tour and the opening band was The Payolas.

What is particularly interesting about this particular show is that the radio station, CFRA 58AM had held a phone in poll to convince the band to come and play there.  Now, I have no idea what the results of this poll was or if it actually convinced the band to come or if they planned to come anyways.  Nonetheless, it is interesting to think that fans could have come together to achieve a tangible goal like this.  Do you think this kind of thing did and would work on Duran Duran?


3 thoughts on “Duran Duran History: Ottawa 1984”

  1. it reads to me like a form of “fans power on the internet” 30 years before the internet!!! I think it would work today, have no idea of 30 years ago.

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