Duran Duran History – San Diego Jingle Ball

Our Duran Duran history is in Atlanta today, as we revisit the Jingle Ball, which took place at the Cox Arena in San Diego in 2004. The holiday benefit show, sponsored by the now-defunct radio station Star 100.7FM, was held on the San Diego State University campus in Cox Arena, and Duran Duran was a headlining act for the show in 2004.  The band has performed three times at the Jingle Ball, in 1999, 2004, and 2007.  There were several other acts that performed at the show along with Duran Duran, each (aside from DD) doing about a 20-minute set.

  • Sarah McLachlan
  • Alanis Morrissette
  • Chris Isaak
  • Jamie Cullum
  • William Hung

There may or may not be a bootleg of this show floating around in cyberspace…which should surprise no one. Or everyone…




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