Duran Duran in Irvine

Last night, we attended the Duran Duran show in Irvine.  It was a special show for us for a couple of reasons.  First, we took Rhonda’s daughter to her first Duran show.  Little Ms. Sabrina went armed with a sign and a message as you can see below!

Sabrina's sign

If that wasn’t enough, it was also our 30th show together!  We talked about all of this and more in today’s video.

We figured that we shouldn’t leave it there so we interviewed Sabrina to get her take on the show!  From what we heard, another Duranie is being formed as we speak!

Today, we will head up to Hollywood to meet up with a friend of mine who is also in the area.  Then, we will try to prepare for our very last show for this tour at Chula Vista on Tuesday.


One thought on “Duran Duran in Irvine”

  1. Love this vlog. Totally agree about the crowd at Irvine last night. LA crowds are always tough. Love the interview with Sabrina. Totally adorable:)

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