Duran Duran Music Gold Package Review

Are you a member of DDM?  If not, do you know what the membership covers?  Duran Duran Music (DDM), the official fan community for Duran Duran, offers two levels of memberships, a silver and a gold.  According to the website here, these levels get fans the following:

The SILVER LEVEL – only $35 per year
12 Months of Exclusives!

– Full Access to the NEW Duran Duran VIP community
– Access to Presale Tickets, tour and show updates, set lists etc. when band is on tour
– VIP Ticket Packages (including amazing seats, exclusive items) when band is on tour
– Exclusive Content JUST for community members including a monthly band audio interview 
– Monthly Contests to win personal items, signed merch, Meet & Greets when band is on tour and more 
– FAN2FAN Features (Personalize and customize your fan site, create your own fan blogs, journals, and photo albums that you can share with other members, participate in forums, and private messaging)
– Communicate and share with other Members 

The gold package offers all of that plus additional merchandise.  The additional merchandise listed below was updated in February.    

GOLD members receive everything in SILVER (a $35 value) PLUS:

– An exclusive NEW T-shirt designed by Patty Palazzo featuring a gold foil design 
– Stylish multi-compartment messenger bag with brand new Duran logo on flap 
– Heavy-duty hard top mouse pad – perfect for home or office 
– Red and black logo’d luggage tag for traveling in style 
– Fridge magnet with new interlocking DD logo
– Executive-style embossed padfolio with interior card slots 
– Executive leather pen with logo’d silver cap 
– Welcome letter from Simon Le Bon 

Since I recently received my package, I thought it would be good to share my review of the merch, in case anyone was thinking about signing up!

New t-shirt:

Gold t-shirt

First, I love the design.  I have to admit that I love most of Patty Palazzo’s designs but there is something that I REALLY like about this one.  Perhaps, I feel like she has captured the Duran essence in that it is ALL about the music.  It isn’t about the band’s looks or anything like that.  It is about the music.  Second, the fact that foil is used is so cool.  It gives the shirt something special.  Lastly, the quality is good as is the size.  I have heard that some people did not like the sizing but it worked well for me.

Messenger Bag:

bag 2

I was really unsure about this.  I had the messenger bag from one of the last gold packages and really liked that one.  At first glance, this one seemed cheap.  The material was thinner, the strap was not as long, and it wasn’t that big.  Yet, I have been using it a lot this last week and I have found it to be very useful.  First, the material is different than the last one.  I suspect that while this material is less thick and provides less padding, this one would be easier to clean.  While the strap doesn’t go as long, it is a perfect length for me.  The same is true with the size.  It fits my laptop perfectly.  I also like that this one can be closed in a more secure fashion than the last one, which was just closed with a tiny piece of velcro at the top.  Lastly, the color scheme is much more my style and I adore this logo.  If this is what they will be going with for DD14, I’m all for it!

Mouse Pad:

mouse pad

I thought this was a strange choice.  While I realize that some people still use desktops and/or a separate mouse with a laptop, I just don’t see a lot of mouse pads being bought and sold.  This particular mouse pad is a nice size with a smooth finish and again that cool logo.  For me personally, this just won’t get as much use as other items in the package simply because I use my laptop a lot more.

Luggage Tag:

luggage tag

This one really made me smile.  As someone who travels to go see shows, I love the idea of having a Duran Duran luggage tag to use!  Let’s hope I have shows to travel for soon enough!  Again, this one keeps with the color scheme of black and red with the same logo.  As you can see by the picture, it is not made with some cheap plastic.  Likewise, it is attached to your luggage with a real buckle.  Quality.
















I like magnets.  I like Duran Duran magnets.  I have the magnet from the previous package up.  I also have a magnet I got from going to a Live from London screening in 2005 and the little magnets of the guys from the Astronaut tour.  This one isn’t huge, but decent sized to hold up comics and pictures.



For those not familiar with these, they can hold small notepads, a pen, and other papers and/or business cards.  I use the other one from the AYNIN era package in meetings.  Thus, I looked forward to having another one to use for a different purpose.  This one, like the previous one, does not disappoint.  Again, it has the cool new logo.

Executive Pen:


This pen looks far cooler than the usual pens I use!  I go for cheap, at work, because they typically get used by a student only never to be returned!  The look of the black at the bottom and grey at the top with the logo makes it look sharp!  It has a smooth finish when using it and fits in well in the pad folio.  I thought this was a nice touch!

Welcome Letter:

Welcome letter

In previous packages, there was a letter included.  I was amused that this one was addressed to, “Friend of Duran Duran”.  This kind of thing is fine as long as people are aware that it is just a nice copy and not an original letter.


I thought this was a really nice package.  They included a lot of items and loved how well they all went together, in terms of the color scheme and the new logo.  Money well-spent.



4 thoughts on “Duran Duran Music Gold Package Review”

  1. I like very much the new logo: finally appearing again 2 big Ds (in the AYNIN years it was only one big pink D). I’m not a gold member as I’m happy to choose only the items I’m really interested in..
    I’d love to get the pen, the mug and the t-shirt.

    1. I have yet to hear a negative about the new logo. Everyone seems to love it. I think you bring up a good question. Would it be better if people could choose their items? -A

      1. You know what I would love? I think it would be amazing to have a jeweler design that exact same gold DD logo for a necklace and/or bracelet. I know people would buy them – I sure would. They could be done in both 14k gold and a gold filled design that would be more economical…and maybe they could even be done with gemstone (real or fake) melee (think pavé) for that same diamond crusted look as on the DITM album.

        I wish I did design, because I’d do it myself. Alas…I’m just a trained appraiser. 😉

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