Duran Duran News: 1/19 to 1/25/15

It is Sunday, which means that it is time to recap all the Duran Duran news.  In general, things are mostly quiet on the Duran Duran front, but as Rhonda and I were saying this weekend, there is a feeling that things could get busy sooner rather than later.  We shall see!

January’s Collector Corner

This month’s Collection Corner focused on the single, Save a Prayer.  While we all may know the song and love it, I enjoyed reading the collector’s corner to not only remind me of the history of the single but also to find out how many versions are out there!  The answer, of course, is many!  Here is my little Save a Prayer story.  When it was re-released in 1985, it was often featured in these daily (weekly?) contests on MTV where the video would go against another video.  My best friend, at the time, and I were determined that Save a Prayer was going to win.  Thus, we called and we called and we called again until the voting ended.  Of course, this was the time when those calls cost and cost big.  Needless to say, my parents were less than thrilled when the phone bill came and I had a big debt to pay off!  Part of me didn’t mind too much, though, as Duran won!  It seemed worth it to me!

January’s Katy Kafe with John Taylor

Members of DuranDuranMusic, the band’s paid fan community site, enjoyed the latest Katy Kafe with John.  He did give some insight into making the album and there was some discussion about a few shows in the summer.  Rhonda, of course, covered all of the highlights for all of us in her blog post on Friday.  I will tell you this much.  The kafe and Rhonda’s guess about festivals certainly has me thinking.  If they really only do festivals, what am I going to do?  Will I choose to sit this one out as I have sworn off festivals?  Would I try to go but do the festival in a less painful way than I have other festivals in the past coughVoodoocough?  I don’t have the answer yet but desperation, sometimes, calls for desperate acts!

 Birmingham Legends

A new Ask Katy question was posted on the band’s official website this week and focused on what the band thought about other bands from the Birmingham area that have been successful.  John gives the response and it might not be what you would think!

War Child

Last, but not least, don’t forget that Duran Duran is performing on February 19th in London to support the charity organization, War Child, which works to help children affected by war.  Details on how to get a chance for tickets is below and copied from the band’s Facebook:

Duran Duran is performing a show for War Child UK the 300 capacity Wilton’s Music Hall on February 19th.

For your chance to be entered into a lottery for tickets, and to help save children from war, go to http://warchild.org.uk/passport. Every £4.50 donation enters you into the draw to win a pair of tickets. Or text DURAN to 88450 (UK only, texts cost £4.50)

I know that if I was anywhere near close to London, I would be trying for tickets with a venue that size!!!

Is there anything I missed?  If so, drop me a comment!


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