Duran Duran News: 12/22/14 to 1/4/15

It has been two weeks since I summarized all of the Duran Duran news that I could find.  The holidays are always super busy and this year I went on a vacation of sorts out of town for a week, which got in the way from staying in touch with Duranland.  Now, I’m attempting to catch up!  As always, do let me know if I have missed something!

Holiday Messages

Speaking of the holidays, did you catch the band’s holiday messages?  If not, you still can.  Just click on the link here!


If you didn’t have a chance to listen to the band members’ visits in the Katy Kafe and, as a result, think you missed their favorites of 2014, think again!  The official website was kind enough to list of all of their favorites right here!

JT’s New Year Mix

Of course, if you are more focused on the present, you might be more interested in new music.  If so, John Taylor came to the rescue with a New Year mix.  After you listen to it, let us know which songs you like best?

Katy Kafes

Did you get a chance to listen to all of the Year-End Katy Kafes?  If you haven’t, Rhonda gave us the highlights:


 Top Moments

Duran Duran described their overall top moments on the examiner.com site, which you can read about here.

End of the Year Studio Shots

The fans received a small bit of a holiday present when the band’s social media posted end of the year studio pictures on Christmas Eve.

This doesn’t seem like a very long list.  Did I miss a bunch of Duran Duran news?  Was it relatively quiet because of the holidays?  Let me know!




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