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Do you still wait to see Duran Duran on Twitter? How many still hang out on Twitter wondering when/if the band will show up?  I remember the good old days when John or Simon used to occasionally check Twitter. I remember when social engagement, interaction…or whatever you want to call it seemed to matter (even if it really didn’t).

I still use Twitter. I still read my timeline and I still comment whenever I feel like it. I think I got into the Twitter habit just before John came along, before I really noticed Duran Duran on Twitter, and I’m still there. I like the idea of it feeling sort of like a chat room that is occupied 24/7. I can go in there, post whatever I’m thinking at the time and leave. Sometimes I’ll get into short conversations with friends, and sometimes not. I also check out what other people are saying, and yes, I will even check on what fans are tweeting to the band. Call me masochistic, or even just curious. Sometimes I get the best blog ideas that way. Other times, and this seems to be happening far more often these days, I come away feeling melancholy…or even just sad.

The other day I was reading Twitter and saw so many posts congratulating Dom on his tenth anniversary and asking John where he was…so many leaving heartfelt notes of how much he means to them, or how they can’t wait for the next album. Weirdly, it struck me that at this point, I’m not even sure those tweets get read. It wasn’t that long ago when it was obvious that yes, they were getting read. There would be responses to things when Duran Duran was on Twitter that seemed to come out of nowhere. A question would be asked, sometimes even in jest, and suddenly without warning, an answer would appear. They might not even mention names or do a RT, but you knew that the intended band member had seen your tweet, and dammit – they were answering you. Duran Duran On Twitter. Incredulous! There was this magical moment when All You Need is Now came out – maybe it was because it was clear the title song was about our relationship with the band as fans, maybe it was because the band was active on Twitter and Facebook, and maybe it was because of all of those things – but it felt like there was some sort of really cool synergy taking place. It wasn’t “The Band” and then “The Fans”… it was “Us”.  How amazing was that??  Yes, it got crazy at times. I was on Twitter and Facebook and saw it firsthand. Fans would lose their shit when John Taylor would show up. Many of us would sit back, pop some corn and watch with interest. Others would join in. The thing about all of that though was that it generated interest, energy and joy, whether you were watching or participating. Frankly, I was curious about the change in tide…the change in relationship between the fans and the band at a critical time after Red Carpet Massacre. Utterly fascinating stuff if you’re me. It felt good to be a Duranie because Duran Duran was on Twitter…talking to fans!

The other day I made comment after reading some of these recent tweets to band members. I mentioned I thought it was so sad, because it is obvious that fans still care enough to try and engage without really much encouragement to do so from the band. I had some responses back that ran the gamut from “the band will be back when they’ve got something to promote” (which in turn felt very disingenuous to the person who responded) to the fact that despite the drawbacks (for the band) in being open and accessible with fans, that they should have realized what they got into with fame. All in all, I have to say there were very few responses that indicated (to me) much empathy towards the band. I can’t imagine this makes it an easy place for the band to start from when it comes to promoting this new album, so I have to ask – is it really that much trouble to say hi once in a while?  Is it really so horrible?? Is it really that unnatural?  If so, why is it so natural for the rest of us?  Maybe that’s the real question.


4 thoughts on “Duran Duran on Twitter”

  1. Good post Rhonda, yeah if there’s some good news/press they’re constantly tweeting if you remember. I’ve long suspected that when things aren’t looking up they go awol. But we’ve to keep in mind that the only reason the band took up tweeting is to promote AYNIN since they were/are label-less, so its an acquired not natural habit. If they start tweeting incessantly next year, you can bet dollar to doughnut that’s the case. But I’ll cut ’em some slack since they’re not youngsters anymore & social media is boring. 🙂

    1. I’m not sure if it’s really that things aren’t looking up – it could easily be that there’s just nothing to sell. Some fans are absolutely fine with the band not being on social media unless they’re selling something and others would prefer it all to feel a little more genuine, but I’m not going to get into that for this post – I’ll leave that up to the rest of you to decide. 🙂 I also don’t think it’s wise to assume we really know the reason they decided to get on Twitter. Simon had joined Twitter WAY before AYNIN came out, for instance. I think everyone has their own reasons for getting involved, and some people take to it all better than others. That’s completely normal, and while I am definitely commenting about how the band uses the practice in some respects – my main focus in this blog is really about the fans and how THEY feel about it. Sorry if that wasn’t completely clear.

      To your point about social media being boring – I guess I’d say that you’re not doing it right if it’s boring! 😀 You should probably get used to it because social media is here to stay and it’s how things are being marketed and sold in this day and age. Companies are turning the tide, spending more and more of their “advertising” budget on social media each year, taking away from print and TV. If that doesn’t say how important social media is…well, I don’t know. But then again, as I said above, everyone uses social media differently and some take to it better than others. There’s room for everyone. 🙂

  2. oh yes you’re right social media is here to stay since its a great promotional/marketing tool. But its a real time waster & addictive if you hang around a lot. Yeah Simon got on twitter in 09 but barely used it, was waiting for album release who knows 😉 Speaking of promotion did you see U2 tour poster- vomitus. U2, thanks for killing my appetite..

  3. Hi Rhond Hi Amanda
    I am only now almost 1 year on Twitter. Had not previously dared so right. But I think it’s good whenever I want to send a tweet. No matter what. What am just so preoccupied or so. Also, it’s nice to get in touch to exchange with other DD fans from all over the world. Even so, to have to come in contact with the Stars such as DD a small chance. If only a Retweeted by HQ If it would have been only in our youth.

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