Duran Duran Promotion: Large and Small Scale

I live for weekends.  It is my time to catch up on household chores, sleep, grading and, most importantly, Duran Duran, including any and all promotion!  This weekend is no different, except for the fact that I’ll also be getting ready to head to the west coast to see some band that I hear is pretty good playing some shows.  Before that, though, what do I need to know about this past week and what can I share about my past week that might also be fitting?

More Shows!

Is there anything better than tour season?!  I think not!  I love attending shows and I love to hear about others attending shows that I couldn’t go to.  Since last weekend, the band played in Denver, in Washington and in Reno.  Today, they are playing at the Life is Beautiful Festival in Las Vegas.  To say that they have been busy is an understatement!  So, what have I heard about these shows?  I have heard/read nothing but FABULOUS reviews!!!  The fan reports have said that Duran has been simply amazing!  I’m not hearing a lot of complaining about any factor in the show, including the setlist.  That isn’t to say that there aren’t complaints out there, just that I haven’t seen any.  Literally, it seems like every single Duranie I know thinks that the band is “on fire” and playing their hearts out!  This, of course, just increases my excitement to see them even more (like that is really even possible!!!)

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Did everyone get a chance to watch this?  I was lucky enough to record it since it aired while I was at work.  (Seriously, how did we deal with TV appearances before the ability to record TV?!  Yes, I remember setting up the VCR but it always seemed problematic and that wasn’t available in my house until the mid-1980s!)  I understand that some people weren’t able to see it as the news broke in with live coverage of the Pope’s visit.  I’m sorry that happened to people as I know how frustrating that kind of thing can be!  Here it is if you haven’t seen it!

What did you all think about that performance?  I thought it was a solid performance but it didn’t “wow” me quite as much as the performance on the Tonight Show.  I’m not sure why that is.  The only thing I can figure out is that I was a little weirded out by Simon and Janelle starting out by going through the crowd and being separated from the rest of the band.  I like it better when they all seem to feed off of each other and hard to do that when Simon is somewhere else.  That said, I’m always excited to see them perform on a show!

Spreading the Word:

One of the best parts of TV appearances is how easy it is for Duran to get the message about the new album out, into the general public. It also helps fans help the band with that, too.  I have barely had any time for social media the last few weeks but it seems to me that every time a TV appearance happens, I see at least 10-12 friends sharing it.  I know that I tell people about TV appearances, too.  In fact, I pointed out to my parents when Duran was going to be on the CBS Morning Show.  They made a point to not only watch it but also to give feedback to me.  It made me smile that both parents (who watched it separately) enjoyed the piece and thought that it thorough and respectful.  Just this past week, I found out that my sister also watched it!  The best part of that is that my niece was upset with her when she discovered that her mom didn’t save it for her to watch!  If nothing else, I’m spreading the Duranie love to my family!

Of course, I’m also spreading the love at work, too.  Here are a few stories as examples:

  • One of my colleagues was out to dinner with some friends when her friends start talking about karaoke.  The one friend says, “One of the best songs to perform is Duran Duran’s Rio!”  My colleague says, “That’s funny that you mention them as my co-worker is a HUGE Duran fan.  Did you know that their new album dropped this month?  It’s true!”  (Stories like this make me proud!)
  • My students have heard about Duran Duran a lot in these first few weeks of the school year.  In fact, one activity we do asks the students to look at “artifacts” and come to a conclusion, as a means on knowing how to be a social scientist.  I showed them a bunch of Duran stuff.  They could figure out my fan story!
  • Just yesterday, one student asked me if I knew who Amy Winehouse was.  I said that I did and explained that there was a Duran connection due to Mark Ronson working with both.  That student’s responded with how much I know about Duran and how good they must be.

The point here is simple.  The shows, the TV appearances, social media, word of mouth are all doing the exact same thing…spreading the word!  They are getting and keeping Duran Duran at the front of people’s mind rather than the back.  A worthy task, indeed!


2 thoughts on “Duran Duran Promotion: Large and Small Scale”

  1. I have been getting a lot of random texts lately from coworkers, relatives & even my boss about Duran’s media appearances. I love it! Of course I already knew about these thanks to the multitude of Duran media sites & groups I follow. Still, it’s nice that people think of me when they see Duran, and better yet it’s nice when people who aren’t huge fans are exposed to them. Regarding the Ellen appearance this week, one of my younger coworkers watched it & told me that she didn’t realize how many Duran songs she already knew & liked. She said there are certain songs that she has always known but had no idea they were Duran. Haha another Duranie in the making perhaps? 🙂

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