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How many of you are fans of Duran Duran on their Facebook page?  I suspect a lot of you are.  After all, as of the writing of this blog, they have over 2.6 million likes on their page.  What about following them on Twitter?  There, they have over 140,000 followers.  Clearly, there are a lot of people out there who like Duran Duran!  What benefit is there to liking their Facebook page or following them on Twitter?  Well, beyond posting the latest news about the band, those social media accounts post routine features.  What am I talking about?  Let me give you a couple of examples:  Watch It Wednesday, which features some Duran video, or Tune In Tuesday, which features a Duran song.  What do you think of these features?  Do you think they always choose wisely?

Tune In Tuesday

Last week’s Tune In Tuesday is actually what made me really think about what DDHQ (Duran Duran Headquarters) chooses to focus on.  Last week, they picked the song, Buried in the Sand, off of the album, Medazzaland.  In general, I like the idea of showcasing a song each week.  It reminds people about the depth of their catalog so that if fans don’t know all Duran, they might be interested and check out albums they don’t have.  It also gives fans a chance to just celebrate one song, which is hard to do when Duran has so much material.  That said, I found that past Tuesday’s choice a strange one. I get wanting to put songs off of Medazzaland in the spotlight since it is an album that was probably missed by a lot of fans.  That said, that song made me cringe and not because I don’t like the song or the album that it’s on but because of the story of the song.  As many of you know, it is a song written about John leaving the band.  As a John fan, I don’t know that I need to be reminded of that.  Then, I wondered if DDHQ just picks a song randomly or if there is a rhyme or reason behind the choice.  Clearly, here, I could come up a reason why they could pick specific songs but do DDHQ?  From my discussion on Twitter, most fans thought they just pick it randomly.  What were the choices the weeks before?  They were Buried in the Sand, Skin Trade, Arcadia’s Lady Ice, and To the Shore.  That seems pretty random.

Watch It Wednesday

This feature is very similar to Tune In Tuesday.  Instead of doing songs, though, the focus is on videos.  Should songs and videos be equal?  In Duran’s history, media often focused more on the videos than on the songs/albums, much to the band’s frustration, it seems.  Yet, we all know that their videos caught a lot of people’s attention and lead to a lot of people becoming fans.  Thus, it makes sense to include videos.  Yet, of course, there are a lot more songs than there are videos.  DDHQ goes beyond just actual videos but include clips of live performances, etc.  Again, I have to wonder if there is a plan for these videos.  The last few weeks have included a clip from San Remo in 2008, the video for Skin Trade, the video for Save a Prayer, and the video for the Reflex.  Sometimes, they have a reason for what they pick.  For example, The Reflex was chosen on Valentine’s Day.  Logical.  Yet, I have no clue on the rest of the choices.

Social Media Specifics:

Of course, there are some unique features on Facebook and some unique features on Twitter.  For example, on Facebook, there is always a Facebook page of the week chosen.  What is interesting to me about this feature is that it is always a “page”.  It isn’t a personal Facebook account or a Facebook group, but a page.  This means that groups like “My Duran World”, “Duran Duran the wild boys always shine”, and more never have the chance to be acknowledged.  People who have a Facebook account about Duran Duran won’t get acknowledged either.  (No acknowledgement for Daily Duranie since it is a personal account rather than a page.  On that note, has anyone ever operated a page before?  To say that it isn’t user friendly would be an understatment!)
On Twitter, DDHQ will always post a #FF (Follow Friday) to acknowledge a few fans.  On top of that, they will also wish individual twitter handles a “Happy Birthday” at times or retweet about a cause.  Sometimes, a “Tweetstake” is posted, which is a little contest in which people have to answer a trivia question in a specific way to win something.
What do you think of these features?  Are they sufficient?  Do you like some better than others?  What would you do if you were part of the DDHQ team?  Would you choose something different?  Have more specific plans for those features?
Speaking of features, we also have a few on this little blog.  We post a daily question and a “today in Duran history” post.  We also have an events page, which lists what is coming up in Duranland.  If that wasn’t enough, at times, homework is given in which all Duranies are encouraged to complete a little task to show their opinions about Duran.  What do you think of those features?  Do you like them?  Do you have other ideas of features we should include?

One thought on “Duran Duran Social Networking Features”

  1. I like the Tune in Tuesday and the Share it Fridays pictures.
    I’d suggest to remove the monthly collection and to introduce more playlists, with songs picked up by the band members, as I sadly miss someone’s DJ sets.

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