Duran Duran Unstaged DVD Review

I love getting new Duran Duran merchandise and my most recent purchase, Duran Duran Unstaged on DVD, arrived in my mailbox a couple of weeks ago.  I figured that I have had plenty of time to watch thoroughly (what I suffer through for this blog!) in order to provide a solid review.


The cover of the DVD is not what I was expecting.  When Unstaged first happened in 2011 to when there were screenings here in the States, the image accompanying it was always this one:

Original Unstaged

This image isn’t a bad one.  After all, it goes really well with the All You Need Is Now album cover.  Yet, the DVD came with this image:

Unstaged front

In some way, the fangirl in me like this one better as the guys are all featured.  That said, I have to wonder about the inclusion of the lead singer of My Chemical Romance in the upper left.  Anyway, I like seeing the band members in full on performance-mode.  That said, will buyers be confused when they find out that it isn’t just a “regular” concert performance but a David Lynch production with various images combined with that concert performance.  In that sense, the original cover might be more appropriate.

The Show

Now, I have seen Unstaged at a movie theater and I have seen it on my computer screen.  Watching it on DVD was better than the computer screen (my monitor isn’t all that good!) but it wasn’t as fun as seeing it in the theater.  Then again, all things Duran would be better in a theater.  I have now been lucky enough to see Live from London, A Diamond in the Mind (at our Durandemonium convention in 2013) and Unstaged in theaters and all three were better in that format!  Of course, though, I will take what I can get!

The Special Features

There are 10 of them:

  • Reunited
  • Backstage
  • In the Studio
  • First instrument, concert and song
  • Starstruck
  • Q&A
  • Nick’s dream
  • Simon’s dream
  • White light
  • Trailer


This special feature is a compilation of individual interviews with the band members discussing the band’s reuniting.  Nick and Simon focused on how they never left while John and Roger gave background info about when and where it took place.  The other focus of these interviews was Mark Ronson and seeing him DJ.  I remember having seen all of these interviews before when Unstaged was about to happen.


This clip has no talking to it but shows the band backstage, getting ready, warming up before showing a bit of them performing.  This feature was new to me.  I only wished there was more to it!

In the Studio

This is the EPK that was released prior to the actual release date for All You Need Is Now.  I still love this and love that it reminds me of how much I adore the album, All You Need Is Now.

First instrument, concert and song

This part goes back to those individual interviews in which each band member is asked about their first musical instrument, first concert and the first song that made them cry.  Again, these were not  new interviews.


More individual interviews followed in this one.  In this case, the band discussed when and who first made them starstruck.  While these interview clips were like the rest, I don’t remember having seen these before.  To me, anything I haven’t seen makes it worth the price of purchase!


This was the strange Q&A that David Lynch led before the show.  He spoke in a weird “language” and read questions that people sent in (where?  how?  I don’t remember!  Does anyone?).  Some questions were were all members and others specified certain band members.  I remember having seen this before as well.

Nick’s Dream

This one was new to me!  In this one, Nick discussed his dream, which he concludes was due to being tired and jet-lagged causing people and things to be out of sync!  Good thinking!

Simon’s Dream

Unlike Nick’s dream, Simon retelling his dream wasn’t new to me.  I did appreciate that at the end Simon did not have any idea what his dream meant.  That made me laugh the first time and this time as well!

White Light

Like Nick’s dream, this one was unfamiliar to me!  In this one, Nick is sitting in a darkened room.  It is unclear if he is talking about a dream or a story.  It sounds like he can definitely be a dream but he claims it happened.  Hmm…


Last but not least is the trailer to Unstaged.  As I watched it one more time for this review, I decided that I have seen the trailer a bunch of times.


Most of the special features were ones that I have seen before and are available on YouTube.  That said, there were a couple of clips that were brand new to me.  I always love seeing new Duran footage.  I also really appreciate having all of these clips together in a format that doesn’t require me searching online, then having to make sure that they are what I was looking for, etc.  No, they are all together here, adding up to a nice extra 25 minutes.  Not bad.  Would I have liked more new parts?  Of course, but I am glad to have what is here for my Duran collection.


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